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  • Bitter
  • Citrus
  • Earth
  • Floral
  • Fruit
  • Herbal
  • Mint
  • Spice
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla
  • Wood-Pine


Red Berry is a very original liquid for e-cigarettes, characterized by an intense taste of red berries and acute spikes of eucalyptus.

The slight sour note, typical of some of these red fruits, is softened by the light balsamic aftertaste of the eucalyptus. The latter is appreciated for the pleasant freshness it leaves on the palate.

You will almost feel like being immersed in a forest, when in summer it’s common to go in search of blackberries and raspberries. With the basket full of fresh and just picked redberries, which release a peculiar and intense fragrance on the one hand and the vivacity of the smell of eucalyptus on the other, you are able to find the peace of senses. The silence all around, interrupted only by the slight rustle of the leaves, is the background to these heady sensations of forest nuances.

As you can see from the detailed description here, we recommend this product for sporadic use, because the taste is simple and intense at the same time; it is pleasant in moments of leisure and relaxation, to enhance relaxation.

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31 reviews for RED BERRY

  1. Brandon

    Balanced liquid, I really appreciated it even though I’m not a fan of fruity flavours

  2. Morten

    a mixture of different elements that make up the final liquid, a really winning product.

  3. Jason

    Excellent liquid, no negative notes

  4. Solomons

    I bought for the first time on Terpy’s website 3 liquids (all fruit based) I love liquids that taste like fruit, I never get tired of them… Red Berry together with Fresh Pinapple have become my favourite electronic cigarette liquids. I can also say that the shipping was fast, all ok!

  5. Jamie

    I really like red jam, it feels like eating a fruit salad of red fruits, very good, I thought it was sweet but it is well balanced, well done!

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