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  • Fruit
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla


Sweet Custard is definitely one of Terpy's classic e-cig liquids: simple, but extremely tasty.

Its taste is genuine and soft, but in its simplicity it is able to leave an enveloping flavor on the palate, which is not easy to forget. It remembers the typical homemade tastes, in fact you will feel like on a soft bed, pampered by its softness. The slight hint of grated lemon of the custard adds a rustic touch, that one of the brick farmhouses of the Tuscan countryside, overlooking a boundless olive grove.

Its taste makes this e-liquid one of the most popular and used for its reference to familiar and home places. You do not always need particular flavors to appreciate quality; often the simplest things are the best.

Much appreciated by those looking for something continuous; it is a liquid suitable for use at any time.

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37 reviews for SWEET CUSTARD

  1. Jared

    sweet and smooth

  2. Jared

    sweet and smooth

  3. Simour L.

    sweet aroma

  4. Emma97

    I really liked it

  5. Mc Miller

    loving vanilla

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