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It’s not possible not to love Panettone liquid for electronic cigarettes, because it recalls a time of year that we are all waiting for, during the whole year. Its winning feature is to be able to replicate the flavor of freshly baked Christmas panettone, seasoned with chocolate chips.

It will be like being in the middle of the Christmas period, in the cold, perhaps with snow and suddenly feeling the warm and tantalizing smell of panettone. Looking around, you can see the hot smoke coming out of the windows of Milan's traditional pastry shops. As you enter, you are invaded by that fragrance you smelled from afar, while the light and the warmth warm your heart. Its aroma brings to mind traditional tastes, family events, the expectation of the gifts. According to almost all of our customers and experts, it is the aroma that most stirs sensory emotions.

It is recommended for those looking for an electronic cigarette liquid that offers not only a particular vape, with a refined taste, but also sweet suggestions. Due to its very specific and almost unique flavor, it is more suitable for sporadic use, but the usual use for lovers of more sugary tastes is not excluded.

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37 reviews for PANETTONE

  1. Emma

    wonderful product!

  2. Sarah

    I tried this liquid even though it wasn’t Christmas, I personally found it suitable for the evening, lying on the sofa at the end of the day. Definitely recommend it

  3. Megan88


  4. Jonah

    I like to use it on its own but mixed with other liquids and flavours it is just as spectacular.

  5. Merla

    I use it sporadically, I think it’s just perfect for this type of use.

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