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Full PG neutral base 

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a preservative, used in both the food and cosmetic sectors (and of course, in the world of electronic cigarettes).

Our high purity Propylene Glycol is an odorless and colorless compound.

We will give you the possibility to customize your e-cigarette liquid with the percentage of Propylene Glycol you prefer in sizes from 60ml up to 1 Liter.

PG and the Vegetable Glycerol (VG), form the base liquid for your electronic cigarette, in such a way as to make the vape, depending on the reciprocal proportions, a potentially very different experience.

With a greater quantity of PG, the vaper will feel more strong the flavours and the vapor will also reach the throat with greater force and decision, faithfully reproducing the sensation of when you inhale the smoke of a traditional cigarette.

The Terpy guarantee is in the choice of only high quality raw materials, which are processed with dedication and attention to keep the purity of the substances. This is added to the careful packaging and labeling in line with UK and European directives. Which one is the result? A high quality and totally safe product, ideal for giving your vape a little determination!

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16 reviews for PG-Base

  1. steven

    you can experiment alot, tring to mix different doses of the two ingredients (also VG) until you get the desired effect, quality products

  2. Rachel

    The price is good and the shipping was very fast, you can easily follow the shipment by tracking info. I will buy again

  3. tahib

    Both neutral bases very convenient

  4. Rudi

    Tasteless and odourless, by adding small amounts of flavours I found my mix really enjoyable.

  5. davis

    It mixes quickly, is tasteless and vapes well, I also bought nicotine.

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