Everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes with LED screens

Everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes with LED screens

Modified on: 24/05/2024


Among the many models of electronic cigarettes on the market, for some time now we have also found those with LED or OLED screens, devices that allow you to control various parameters such as battery level, voltage, temperature and resistance condition.

Electronic cigarettes with LED screens are one of the latest developments in the industry and can meet the needs of those who want to control every single aspect of the vaping experience.

How a LED screen works

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes, a special type of diode that emits light. More specifically, it is a device consisting of semiconductors that are able to create light by passing an electric current through them.

The phenomenon behind the functioning of LEDs is called electroluminescence: certain materials are able to emit light when electric current passes through them at a precise frequency.

LED screens are an evolution of LCD screens: they are brighter, thinner and lighter than LCD screens, as well as having a much longer lifespan (about 100,000 hours compared to 60,000 for LCD).

Next to e-cigarettes with LED screens are e-cigs with OLED screens. The acronym stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode and makes use of thin layers of organic compounds with carbon parts, placed between two conducting elements, which emit a bright light when current passes through them.

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How a LED screen works

Electronic cigarettes with LED screen: what are the main features?

There are different models of e-cigarettes with LED screens: functionality varies from device to device. In general, the e-cig with a display is called a “big battery”: in many cases the screens are LCD, but increasingly it is LED technology that is used for the displays.

The LEDs on e-cigarettes usually indicate the battery level, with different colors to indicate the state of charge: they are usually white, blue or red, but there are vaping devices that can come in up to 8 different colors.

Some electronic cigarette models with an LED screen give the possibility of controlling, and changing, several important parameters of the device, for example:

Watt output;


Power levels;

Voltage status;

Resistance status

Other e-cigs are multifunctional, with the possibility of listening to music, changing the display theme and even displaying a gallery of images on the screen.

The screens can be larger or smaller, from 0.96 inch up to 2 inches and more, touchscreen or not.

Depending on the model, it is possible to control some or all of the listed parameters: as can be easily guessed, the more features available, the higher the price of the e-cig.

Choosing an e-cig with a LED screen: what are the advantages (and disadvantages)

To every vaper a model of electronic cigarette: that is how we could sum up the current market for vaping devices, which is so abundant in options and accessories that everyone can choose the perfect model for their needs.

Electronic cigarettes with LED displays offering many functionalities are suitable for more experienced vapers who want to keep track of all the basic operating parameters and modify them according to their taste.

Those who are less experienced, or who want to vape without complications, can opt for electronic cigarettes that use LEDs to warn them of the status of the battery and e-liquid: devices with too many features are unsuitable for this type of vapers.

Conversely, those who want to customize their vaping experience can choose one of the electronic cigarette models with an LED screen that offer control over parameters such as watt output.

Atomizer with led

On the other hand, those who are new to electronic cigarettes can start with the beginner’s kits, which serve precisely to have their first approach to vaping. In this case, limited functionality is an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Just like dual-battery cigarettes, the e-cig with an LED screen is recommended for experienced vapers who know and want to control all the operating parameters of the device.

Finally, we would like to remind you that LED screens, in principle, guarantee a longer life than LCD screens, as well as superior performance.

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In conclusion

Technological developments have led to models appearing on the electronic cigarette market with LED screens, often with numerous functionalities, to control all aspects of ‘vaping’. LEDs and OLEDs, as we know, last longer than LCD technology, but generally entail higher costs.

Our advice is to choose a beginner’s kit when you start vaping, which is the ideal way to enter the world of e-cigarettes and start your vaping experience, moving on to more advanced models over time, after you have acquired a good knowledge of how e-cigs work.