The travel electronic cigarette: tips and tricks for an always handy refill

The travel electronic cigarette: tips and tricks

Published on: 30/09/2023


You are travelling with your e-cigarette, whether by train, car or plane, and suddenly the battery runs out or the liquid runs out – how often has this happened to you? If you had to give up vaping because the battery was flat or the liquid tank ran out, you probably did not have some essential accessories available to recharge your e-cig.

We start with indispensable devices on the main means of transport and then move on to some tips and tricks for recharging your electronic cigarette while travelling.

E-cigarette and car travel: what you need

Travelling by car and recharging your e-cig battery? Possible, and all it takes is a few accessories.

First, you will need a USB cigarette lighter adapter: via a USB cable, you can charge your e-cigarette while driving.

Just check the output amperes (0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, etc.): charging with a 2-amp adapter could ruin the e-cig battery if it is not suitable for such a load.

Another solution is to use a power bank, an alternative to the cigarette lighter adapter. A state-of-the-art power bank, which is light and powerful, can recharge the e-cigarette quickly. Again, check the voltage before connecting your e-cig: if it is too high and not tolerated by the device, it could damage it.

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E-cigarette and car travel

Recharge your e-cigarette battery on the train

There are two solutions for recharging your electronic cigarette during a train journey: by connecting it to one of the sockets installed on the carriages (also USB) or to a power bank. In the first case, it may be useful to have a USB travel charger that is small and easy to carry. If you don’t trust the train plugs and you’re afraid your e-cig might get damaged, bring a power bank with you.

Airplane travel: how to recharge the electronic cigarette

Let’s move on to the plane, immediately clarifying that you cannot recharge your e-cig on board. This is because the rules of transporting the electronic cigarette by plane are strict: according to the policies of most airlines, it can only be kept in hand luggage, with the battery detached and individually wrapped; only one other battery can be brought, also individually wrapped.

As it is easy to understand, recharging on board the aircraft is not possible. We recommend that you bring along an e-cig with a removable battery and sturdy enough to be carried on a flight. You will think about recharging when you get off the plane: at the airport there are wall sockets, even USB ones, thanks to which you can charge the battery of your vape device.

Refilling the e-cig tank on the go: some useful tips and tricks

In addition to recharging the battery, while travelling, you may need to recharge the tank of your e-cigarette with your favorite e-liquids.

If you travel by train or by car, you can take the liquids you use every day with you or aromas and vape bases to create your own personalized liquid. Just remember to keep them tightly closed to avoid leaks.

If, on the other hand, you want to create an e-liquid for e-cigs, don’t forget the tools for perfect mixing, from bottles to funnels to dropper syringes.

Refilling the e-cig tank on the go

When you travel by plane, you can only take 100 ml of product with you: the same rules apply to e-cigarette liquids as for the transport of other liquids. You will then have to put the bottle of liquid in a transparent plastic bag (max 18×20) and present it to the controls.

To transport the electronic cigarette safely, especially by plane, you can use a sturdy case, so as to avoid damage that could compromise the functioning of the device.

In general, there are e-cig accessories that cannot be missing even when travelling: for example, some spare resistors or vaping mats, useful for recharging the electronic cigarette without the liquid damaging the surfaces.

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In conclusion

To take your electronic cigarette on a trip, it is good practice to have all the accessories needed to recharge both the battery and the tank.

To recharge the battery, you will need a wall charger, a cigarette lighter adapter (if you travel by car) or a small, light and easy to carry wall charger: the latter can be useful on the train or in a hotel.

If you travel by plane, remember to respect the rules: the e-cig must be kept in hand luggage, with the battery disconnected and kept separately. Get a good e-cigarette cover that can protect it. The liquid should not exceed 100 millilitres. Recharging your electronic cigarette on board is prohibited; you can do it at the airport though.

To refill the tank, in addition to the liquid (such as our bakery e-liquid), you will need some specific accessories such as bottles, pre-measured syringes, the vaping mat and vials.