Dual battery e-cigarette: everything you need to know

Dual battery e-cigarette: everything you need to know

Published on: 10/09/2023


The variety of electronic cigarettes available on the market is very wide, as is the range of vapers. Among the proposals from e-cig manufacturers are electronic cigarettes with dual batteries, in series or in parallel, which meet the specific needs of those who want a greater depth of suction or a longer battery life.

Batteries connected in series perform differently from those connected in parallel, affecting certain parameters rather than others.

Let’s delve into this topic.

Dual batteries in the electronic cigarette: integrated or interchangeable?

There are dual-battery e-cigs with either a built-in battery or an interchangeable battery. In the first case, the double battery cannot be removed, whereas in the second case the battery can be replaced.

The most common e-cigarettes with a double battery are those with a removable 18650 size. But we also find e-cigs with different battery sizes, such as 18350 or 21700.

Dual batteries in the electronic cigarette: integrated or interchangeable?


Multifunctional E-cig Box Mod with dual battery: features

Multifunctional ‘Box Mods’ with dual batteries, interchangeable or integrated, not only offer greater autonomy but also allow some very important settings to be changed for those who like to control the parameters of ‘vaping’. Temperature, power, bypass and current can be adjusted.

Box mods can be electronic or mechanical. The differences between the two are quite clear: while mechanical ones are more suited to more experienced vapers, electronic ones are also suitable for those who are just starting to vape, as they are equipped with a circuit that regulates certain functions and protects against the risks of overheating or overcharging the battery.

Dual batteries allow for higher voltage or longer autonomy: this depends on the type of connection between the batteries, in series or parallel. Knowing the difference between the two different connections is essential for those who use mechanical box mods and want to get maximum performance from their electronic cigarette.

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Electronic cigarettes with double batteries connected in series

In this case, the head of one battery is connected to the bottom of the other, while the two remaining ends are connected to the resistor. In other words, if the batteries go in opposite directions (up/down), we know that they are connected in series.

E-cigs with double batteries connected in series have the same range as a single battery, but twice the volts. Mechanical box mods with dual batteries in series must be handled with care: each parameter must be adjusted carefully to ensure a satisfying but not dangerous vaping experience.

E-cigs with dual batteries connected in parallel

A different case are electronic cigarettes, mostly box mods, which are connected in parallel: it is not the volts that are doubled, which remain the same as with an e-cig with a single battery, but the discharge amps and milliamperes. The autonomy is greater, but the voltage remains the same as a single battery: it is therefore recommended for those who need, or want, to double the battery life.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electronic cigarette with a double battery

Advantages and disadvantages of an electronic cigarette with a double battery

Whether electronic or mechanical, dual-battery box mods can be a good solution for those who want a customized vaping experience and, above all, are already familiar with concepts such as volts, amps, draught, DTL and so on.

This is especially true for batteries connected in series, which require a great deal of care and precision in use in order to avoid malfunctions and risks, both to the device and to one’s own health.

E-cigs with batteries connected in parallel ensure a longer charging time and can be a good solution for those who want to avoid charging their e-cigarette too often.

Electronic box mods, on the other hand, are suitable for everyone thanks to a circuit that regulates the main parameters.

The disadvantages of e-cigs with dual batteries are their greater weight and, above all, the need to know how an e-cigarette works: compared to ‘beginner’ e-cigarettes, they may require more attention and knowledge, especially if the two batteries are connected in series.

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In conclusion

Electronic cigarettes with dual batteries, connected in series or in parallel, can provide advantages such as longer life or higher voltage. The “box mods” on sale are ideal for experienced vapers, who are already familiar with the operation of electronic cigarettes and are adept at adjusting the parameters without creating potential damage.

The care and attention required is very high, although the possibility of customizing the experience is definitely a plus compared to single-battery or disposable cigarettes.

On the other hand, dual battery box mods are less manageable than single battery e-cigarettes and less suitable for those who want to enjoy their vaping experience as simply as possible.