Tingling throat after vaping? Here’s why it happens and how to avoid it.

Here are what can be the causes of itchy throat when vaping.

Modified on: 27/05/2024

What can be the causes of an annoyance such as an itchy throat when vaping? In this article, we have put together a simple guide on how to avoid it.

The causes of the classic “tickle in the throat”, which is quite common among users of electronic cigarettes, can be varied and not always easy to recognise at first glance.

Particularly among novice vapers, many doubts can arise in connection with this disorder. For example, you may wonder whether it is nicotine, resistance or your poor tolerance to the products of which e-cigarette liquids are made that is responsible. But don’t worry, as you are about to discover, this problem is easily solved in most cases.

Let’s look at the leading causes of throat discomfort and how to nip it in the bud.

Boy coughing from throat pinching after vaping

The leading causes of tingling in the throat after vaping

The leading cause of a slight feeling of discomfort in the throat immediately after vaping can be excessive nicotine in the liquid used. At Terpy online store, we know of several cases where our customers have reported the problem of an itchy throat and have solved it by simply lowering the amount of nicotine in the liquid.

Nicotine is the most aggressive component in vape liquids and is the substance that characterises the so-called “throat hit”, which is so sought after by ex-smokers. So, what happens if you overdo the nicotine level?

In addition to a burning throat, you may experience other discomforts that should be considered as clear warning signs of a high nicotine concentration, such as nausea and dizziness. Be careful not to overdo the nicotine level and try using lighter liquids. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile attempt to resolve throat discomfort.

Another cause to watch out for, especially if you are using an electronic cigarette for the first time, is to make sure you do not have an allergy to propylene glycol.

This substance, together with glycerol, forms the basis of the composition of most e-cigarette liquids and, in sporadic cases, can cause allergies and intolerances.

Here too, the solution is simple: just reduce or eliminate it from the liquids you use and find out whether it is causing the problem in the oropharyngeal tract.

It is possible to use liquids with a 100% glycerol base, and there is no significant difference if it is wisely diluted with water. However, glycerol is quite dense, so diluting it is the best choice. Should you opt for a glycerol liquid, we also recommend using atomisers suitable for more viscous liquids.

Other possible causes for a tickle in the throat can be an exhausting resistance that has not been changed for too long, or cases where the liquid in the atomiser runs out without being noticed. It can also happen to experienced vapers and is known as a cue.

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Sore throat after vaping: minor causes

Other factors can cause discomfort in the throat after vaping. These are less complicated and more frequent situations that you should know how to make the vaping experience as pleasant as possible.

We are talking about when you switch to a lung-fuelled electronic cigarette after getting used to a cheek shot. Those who take this step usually have to overcome an initial period of coughing and discomfort in the throat. However, it only takes a few days to get used to the different effects and, if this is not enough, we recommend switching back to a cheek smoking device.

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Another factor to consider is the use of a wattage that is too high compared to the capacity of your atomiser. You will then run a severe risk of coughing and a burning throat. Unfortunately, this possibility is also widespread, especially when several atomisers for the same electronic cigarette box.

To eliminate this problem for good, you can safely use cigarettes with a temperature control (TC) circuit.

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To conclude

Now you can finally avoid the leading causes of a tickle in your throat due to incorrect use of your electronic cigarette: you can easily recognise and solve the most frequent problems in this area and definitively improve your vaping experience.

As we have seen, the right choice of e-cigarette liquids is also critical to avoid high nicotine levels or too thick liquids.

For this reason, we invite you to visit our store, Terpy.co.uk, where you can choose from a broad and carefully prepared range of ready-made liquids. Alternatively, you can compose your liquids, choosing the e-liquid base you prefer and the vape flavourings that best suit your taste, as well as liquid nicotine, of course.

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