What is a clearomizer and how does it work?

What is a clearomizer and how does it work?

Published on: 23/05/2023


Sometimes the dialogues between vapers are totally incomprehensible: their jargon is full of terms that are totally unfamiliar to those unfamiliar with the world of vaping, and hearing them speak can have the same effect as witnessing two people speaking Arabic. You can’t understand a thing!

A typical example is the term ‘clearomizer‘, which indicates a particular model of vaping device. Vapers know very well what it is, but those who have never picked up an electronic cigarette may have absolutely no idea what this word means.

Are you also wondering what a clearomizer is? I explain it all in the following article.

The clearomizer: the clear tank atomizer we all know

A clearomizer is nothing other than an atomizer with a transparent tank. This term is derived from the English ‘clearomizer’, the root of which (clear) indicates precisely that the tank is transparent. It is the most common type of all: so much so that, in most cases, anyone who imagines an atomizer thinks of exactly a clearomizer.

It usually includes a resistance head, of the interchangeable kind, which you can replace by unscrewing it directly from the base of the tank. The latter consists of a coil of wire and a cotton wick that absorbs the electronic cigarette flavours.

The clearomizer: the clear tank atomizer we all know

Clearomizers can be designed for Direct to Lung or Mouth to Lung vaping. The former has a resistance which, in most cases, is less than 1 Ohm and is constructed to produce large amounts of vapor. These coils should be used at high wattages, sometimes above 60/70 W. MTL clearomizers, on the other hand, have resistances starting at least at 1 Ohm and require less power than the former. In most cases, it is suggested not to exceed 20 W.

There are also models on the market that are somewhere in between the previous types. Basically, they are designed to be used with an airy shot than a MTL shot, but not such that they can be considered a DTL shot to all intents and purposes.

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 Why is the clearomizer the most popular atomizer model? 

The clearomizer is so popular because of its ease of use. To fill the tank, there are several ways (all very practical) which vary according to the model: in some of them, the liquid is inserted from below by unscrewing the base and exposing a special hole. In most cases, however, filling is done from above by removing the cap on which the drip tip is inserted, either by unscrewing it or by sliding it off.

The transparent reservoir also makes it possible to constantly check whether the resistance is worn out or whether it can still be used. If the coil is too encrusted, or the cotton burnt, the liquid in the tank may start to take on a darker color than normal. In this case, thanks to the transparent slide, the vaper could notice this immediately and intervene with the replacement of the resistance which, being a coil, can be removed extremely easily.

Of course, like all atomizers, the clearomizer also needs to be screwed onto a box with a battery in order to be used.

Why clearomizers are the ideal device even for those who have just started vaping

It is often suggested for novice vapers to use simple devices, possibly with disposable cartridges so as to gradually get used to the new experience.

As sensible as such advice may sound, in reality in our opinion a novice vaper should go straight for clearomizers, especially if his main goal is to rid himself of nicotine addiction.

The reason is simple: overcoming the smoking habit is a very difficult task. E-cig have proven to be an excellent tool to help those who want to take this step, but their effectiveness depends on the ex-smoker’s willingness to resist the temptation to light up a cigarette in the initial period, when he or she is still getting used to vaping devices.

Why clearomizers are the ideal device

And one of the most important factors in overcoming this critical moment is to find the right combination of device and e-cigarette liquid in order to have a satisfactory experience. Otherwise, the novice vaper could easily convince himself that vaping is not for him and that the best choice is to take up smoking again.

Unfortunately, electronic cigarettes with disposable cartridges, although easy to use, do not give full freedom of customization and offer little alternative as regards the taste of the liquid contained in the cartridge. For this reason, users are at risk of becoming dissatisfied and giving up vaping. Clearomizers, on the other hand, can be loaded with any type of e-liquid, even do-it-yourself e-liquids, and allow the vaper to customize his or her experience to the fullest and easily find the right balance to enjoy his or her e-cig to the fullest.

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In conclusion

In this article, we have explained what a clearomizer is, how it works, what features make it so popular and why it is the most suitable choice even for novice vapers, especially if they have decided to start vaping to kick the smoking habit.

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