Decomposed bases with nicotine: what they are and where to find them.

Short guide to nicotine-blended bases

Modified on: 06/12/2022

A short guide to discovering nicotine split bases and their use.

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you already know a few things about this topic.

Below you will find the essential information on split liquids and their use, whether you are already an experienced vaper or are considering starting.

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What are split liquids?

Plenty of ready-made liquids on the market are very convenient to use. But this is not the only option you have. In addition, there is the option of buying split liquids.

But what are they?

Split liquids are nothing more than the components of the liquid bottled separately. Before they can be vaped, they must be dosed and mixed. If you’re wondering why you would ever go to the trouble of doing such an operation, I’ll explain it to you now!

The primary motivation is undoubtedly the opportunity you will have to create your liquid for a customised vaping experience. Secondly, by buying split bases, you will spend less on the same quality. Not bad, eh?

Let’s look at what ingredients you need to buy to create your liquid.

Decomposed liquids

Would you like to use split bases to create your DIY electronic cigarette liquid?

To proceed with the creation of your personalised liquid, you need three elements:

  • flavouring;
  • neutral base consisting of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol;
  • liquid nicotine (optional).

At this point, make sure you have disposable gloves and a sufficiently large graduated bottle.

In particular, gloves are indispensable if you are handling liquids containing nicotine, whether pure or already diluted in your neutral base.

It is indeed essential that the nicotine does not come into contact with your skin.

Now that we have everything we need let’s see how to mix the ingredients to create your own customised liquid—a key question for the success of the liquid concerns the correct proportions of the various components. Several calculators are available online that can be very helpful in this regard.

Assuming that you want to create 10 ml of tobacco-flavoured liquid, the steps you would follow would be as follows:

  • – pour 10 ml of the neutral base into your graduated bottle;
  • – add a variable amount of flavouring to the base (30/40 drops should be fine, but you will find the manufacturer’s exact instructions on the label);
  • – shake well;
  • – let everything rest for a couple of hours.

Now your liquid is ready to be vaped. Easier than it sounds, right? This procedure is suitable for both liquids with nicotine and those without it. As I said, neutral bases are sold already mixed with nicotine, and you can choose from different concentrations.

The only limitation might be the inability to vary the quantity according to your specific needs at the time.

If you have considered starting vaping to stop smoking analogue cigarettes – the ‘normal’ ones – it is likely that your nicotine requirements will initially be higher. In this case, I recommend you buy neutral bases without nicotine, which you can purchase separately in concentrated liquid form to have more autonomy in managing your dosage.

Once you have created your neutral base liquid, you must add the amount of nicotine appropriate to your needs. But, again, I recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now that you have all the information you need to create your perfect vape mix yourself let’s try to understand why so many people have come to prefer concentrated liquid nicotine.

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Why buy concentrated liquid nicotine?

Girl smoking e-cig with DIY liquid

If, at this point, you are wondering why you should prefer buying concentrated liquid nicotine over bases that already contain it, the answer is straightforward.

There are plenty of ready-made liquids available on the market which, as we said, contain a more or less significant concentration of nicotine.

These preparations are the ideal solution for those who have already achieved stability with electronic cigarettes and do not anticipate significant changes in their requirements. In addition, by purchasing ready-made nicotine bases, it will be impossible to adjust the shot during the process.

Let me explain.

If, after buying the product, you realise that the nicotine concentration is too high for your taste or perhaps too mild, you have no choice but to discard your bottle and proceed to buy the next one, with no guarantee of getting the perfect dose for you this time.

On the other hand, buying the split bases gives you the chance to try out different ‘recipes’, modifying them from time to time according to your tastes and preferences.

No small advantage!

One crucial recommendation to make is this: always make sure to store your bottles out of reach of children or minors. Nicotine can have severe consequences if ingested!

In summary, what are split liquids? Where to find them?

To recap, we have seen how buying split bases with or without nicotine can be a good choice in more ways than one. Split liquids are cheaper than ready-made ones and have far greater versatility.

By buying the ingredients separately, you have the opportunity to independently create the liquid that suits you best, possibly adjusting the concentration of flavours and nicotine to suit your needs.

It will prevent you from wasting money buying ready-made liquids, which may not always give you the vaping experience you are looking for.

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