Quitting smoking: 10 (instant) benefits for your health and your wallet

The ten instant benefits when you quit smoking

Published on: 15/07/2022

Here’s how much your health (and your wallet) gains if you decide to quit smoking

If you are a smoker, you will know how difficult it can be to give up the cigarette habit.

To help smokers overcome their addiction, numerous tools have been developed to support the fight against smoking: nicotine chewing gum, patches, electronic cigarettes, etc. However, according to some studies, the most effective of these is the e-cig.

However, without the right motivation, hard-core smokers may be unable to overcome their habit even with the help of these devices. For this reason, we decided to publish the following article on the top 10 benefits of quitting smoking.

We hope this content will give readers more reason to give up cigarettes.

Plate showing lung damage caused by smoking

1. Decreased risk of cancer

Smokers are at a high risk of developing lung cancer. Virtually everyone knows that. Sometimes, however, people are unaware that cigarettes can significantly increase the incidence of cancer in many other organs, including:

  • mouth;
  • throat;
  • larynx;
  • pancreas;
  • bladder;
  • kidneys;
  • oesophagus.

You can halve your risk of mouth, throat and larynx cancer by quitting smoking within 5 years. However, it will take at least 10 years for other cancers to reduce their incidence by 50%.

2. Decreased risk of heart disease

According to statistics, cigarette consumption is one of the leading causes of heart disease, and 1 in 4 deaths from heart attacks is linked to smoking.

Once you stop smoking for good, your heart rate returns to normal within a few minutes, and after a year, the risk of coronary heart disease can be reduced by up to 50%. The risk of heart attack, on the other hand, decreases significantly within two years after the last cigarette.

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3. Reducing blood pressure and improving blood circulation

High blood pressure and blood circulation problems are very common in smokers.

Just 20 minutes after quitting smoking, blood pressure drops and normalises; after 24 hours, nicotine blood values drop to almost zero. As for carbon monoxide in the blood only takes a few days for it to fall to the level of a non-smoker.

Thanks to these changes in the physiological balance, circulation can improve considerably within a few weeks of the last cigarette.

4. Improved breathing

A ‘smoker’s cough’ is a typical symptom of smokers and is caused by airway obstruction and reduced respiratory function.

If you stop smoking, your lungs will start healing and function better day after day. You will notice that, within a month, you will experience less fatigue during physical exertion and be able to breathe much easier.

You will also drastically reduce your risk of contracting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a terrible progressive and irreversible lung disease that affects long-term smokers.

5. Improved sex life and reproductive health

Cigarettes can impair reproductive health in both sexes and are among the leading causes of impotence. By quitting smoking, the quality of sexual life and fertility improve dramatically, increasing the chances of having a baby.

Not to mention the reduction in complications during pregnancy: women smokers are at much greater risk of problems in gestation and foetal development than those who do not consume cigarettes.

Healthy white smile of a non-smoking woman

6. Improved health of teeth and gums

Yellowing of teeth, bad breath and increased risk of gum disease are prevalent symptoms in long-term smokers and are mainly caused by cigarette tar.

If you stop smoking, your oral health will improve significantly, and your smile will take on a healthier, more natural appearance and make you look younger and more attractive.

7. Improved sense of taste and smell

Inhaling cigarette smoke causes damage to the sensory receptors in the nose and on the tongue, altering the sense of taste and smell.

Fortunately, this disorder is usually not permanent: in most cases, quitting smoking is enough to regain the full ability to perceive smell and taste gradually.

8. Healthier and younger skin

Cigarettes contain numerous oxidising substances that accelerate the ageing of the face and the appearance of wrinkles.

Compared to a smoker’s skin, the skin of a non-smoker receives far more nutrients (including oxygen) and looks more alive, even and youthful.

9. Increased life expectancy

The most crucial benefit of quitting smoking is the ability to live longer.

If you can say goodbye to cigarettes, your life expectancy can increase by up to 10 years – a long period that you can use to spend time with your loved ones, pursue your hobbies, travel the world and do any other activity without being crushed by the smoking habit.

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10. Saving money

So far, we have focused on the health benefits, but it is worth pointing out that quitting smoking saves money.

The average price of a packet of cigarettes is EUR 5, and hard-core smokers can easily consume one packet per day, which means an expenditure of EUR 150 per month, or EUR 1,800 per year! Not to mention the money you may have to spend on doctor visits due to the deterioration of your health caused by blondes.

If you quit smoking, you can save a small fortune and use it to go on trips, go to restaurants more often with your better half, buy some presents for your children, and so on.

In conclusion

We have explained the health and financial benefits of quitting smoking. We hope this article will help convince many smokers to give up this dangerous habit so they can live healthier, longer and more satisfying lives.

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