Maintaining your e-cigarette is the key to a better vaping experience

Maintaining your e-cigarette is the key to a better vaping experience

Published on: 23/12/2023


The electronic cigarette is a device used by an increasingly considerable number of people.

There are those who start vaping to try to quit smoking and those who instead approach this world to experiment with an alternative sensorial experience. Many aspiring vapers, however, don’t take one aspect into consideration when they decide to buy their first e-cig: the importance of maintenance.

In the next few lines I will explain why the components of the e-cig must be constantly maintained and I will tell you about the most used methods for cleaning them.

Daily Maintenance: This is why you should clean your e-cig every day

I bet that when you think about maintenance you immediately think of something similar to having your car serviced, to be done once in a while. The truth, however, is that when using electronic devices (but also other types of devices), maintenance is something that needs to be done every day. There are, in fact, small operations that, if carried out daily, help keep them in good condition. The e-cigarette is no exception.

Indeed, since it is used to inhale the vapors of vaping liquids, it is important to keep it clean not only to safeguard its efficiency, but also for hygiene reasons. It is therefore a good habit to clean some elements daily, in particular the atomizer and the spout.

To do it superficially you would do well to use a piece of paper towel because, unlike other types of paper, it does not leave lint. However, if you want to be impeccable in the maintenance of these parts of the electronic cigarette, I suggest you read the next paragraphs in which I will explain how to wash or clean them more carefully.

How to clean the atomizer of the electronic cigarette

How to clean the atomizer of the electronic cigarette

Cleaning the atomizer is a topic that is often taken for granted but which in reality not everyone knows perfectly and can significantly impact the vaping experience.

If you are wondering, for example, how to eliminate the taste of the vaping liquids you have previously used in your e-cigarette, before refilling it with the one you currently use, the cleaning methods you have used so far have probably not been satisfactory. Our tips on cleaning your e-cig will not only allow you to vape more pleasantly, but will ensure your e-cigarette has a longer life.

In fact, if the atomizer of your electronic cigarette is neglected, in addition to feeling a mix of flavors while vaping, residues of dust and aromas will accumulate which will reduce its heating power, decreasing its performance.

For these tips to be clear to everyone, it is important to specify that the e-cigarette is a device made up of various components that can be disassembled and washed.

The connector that connects the battery to the atom does not tend to come into direct contact with the liquid and if necessary it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried with absorbent paper. The atomizer is the part that interests us the most, and includes all the components that come into contact with the liquid, and which therefore must be cleaned perfectly. Here are what they are:

Deck: the base of the atom to which the coil attaches
Tank: the tank into which the vaping liquid is inserted
Top cap, glass, screws and other components: everything that is part of the atom

As regards the resistance (also called coil), the element that transforms the electric discharge into heat and vaporizes the liquid, it is the only part of the atom that must not be washed, as it is a disposable component throw. In fact, the water would be absorbed by the cotton and would compromise its correct functioning

But let’s see in detail what the washing methods for the various components can be and what is needed for effective cleaning.

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Keep the atom immersed in hot water and detergent

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to wash the e-cig atomizer is certainly to soak it in a container full of hot water and detergent. The latter can be a common soap, or a solution of vinegar and bicarbonate.

What you need to do is simply let hot water and detergent act for about 30 minutes and then rinse the atomizer to remove residues, drying it well with a clean cloth.

For a deeper clean, you can also opt for boiling or ultrasonic cleaning.

Wash the atomizer in the microwave or boil it on the stove

Washing in the microwave or boiling ensures perfect cleaning of the Atom, as it allows you to eliminate bacteria and residues without damaging the device.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, we recommend using a microwave-safe container and immersing the component in water, ensuring perfect coverage. At this point, set the appliance to the maximum temperature and place the container inside, heating it for 5 minutes.

Take out the container and, when the water is lukewarm, dry the atomizer with the help of a napkin or cloth.

As for boiling on the stove, you can carry out the exact same operation by naturally choosing a saucepan suitable for this purpose. Let the water boil for about 10-15 minutes.

Disinfect the atomizer with an ultrasonic device: here’s how to do it

The ultrasonic washing machine is a device which, once filled with water, uses ultrasound to generate cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency pressure sound waves. These waves cause agitation of the e-liquid capable of eliminating any residue and particle from the object being washed, such as the e-cig atomizer.

The use of this tool guarantees perfect cleaning and the elimination of every single particle of dirt.

Do you think the price could be very high? In reality, the smallest devices cost between 30 and 50 euros, a decidedly affordable cost!

How to clean the nozzle of the electronic cigarette

Now it is appropriate to talk about an element – the drip tip – whose cleanliness is often overlooked. Many vapers, in fact, worry about hunting for the best methods for cleaning the atomizer and the resistance but do not give the right weight to the hygiene of the nozzle.

This part of the electronic cigarette is the only one that comes into contact with the mouth, and it is precisely for this reason that you should always keep it clean, even when you don’t have soap and water at your disposal. During the day the spout can accumulate dust, saliva and germs; therefore, between one vape and another, you would do well to pass a sanitizing wipe over it.

When you return home, however, the best solution is to disassemble the drip tip and immerse it in a solution of soap and water or water and sanitizer. A few minutes are enough to eliminate not only any microorganisms, condensation, saliva and dust, but also traces of tobacco liquids or fruity liquids.

This way, if you want to change the liquid, you won’t taste the aftertaste of the previously used one in the spout.

The drip tips currently on the market are made with different characteristics and materials. This shouldn’t worry you though, because they are all washable in some way.

To sanitize the drip tip of your e-cigarette you have several possibilities: if you have it available, you can use water; if you are away from home, you will have to ‘make do’ with more practical and faster methods.

Let’s begin.

Water and soap

The first drip tip cleaning method that we would like to recommend to you simply consists of using water and neutral soap (or dishwashing liquid). At the end of the day you can immerse the nozzle of the electronic cigarette in a small bowl of warm water with a knob of soap, and let the mixture act for a while (there are no set times). Then you can proceed with rinsing. During the day, however, you can give the drip tip a quick rinse with a little detergent and running water. Both practices are useful for eliminating traces of aromas (if for example you have to switch from tobacco liquids to fruity ones) and for being able to vape with a clean and safe device.

Water and sanitizer

An alternative to soap and water is water and sanitizer, to be used with the immersion method. Before using aggressive or chlorine-based sanitizers, however, make sure that the material of your drip tip is resistant to these substances. Furthermore, if you decide to try this cleaning method, before placing the nozzle on your lips, make sure you have rinsed it perfectly.

Alcohol-soaked placemats or wipes

Among the cleaning methods to be adopted outside the home, however, there is the use of wipes soaked in detergent compounds. We are referring to common wet wipes, or to small fabric squares soaked in propyl alcohol (individually packaged), easily available in pharmacies. Before using any product, however, remember that afterwards, you will have to place the nozzle on your lips again. These systems are useful for removing surface dirt and for sanitizing the drip tip between uses, but to eliminate traces of creamy, fruity or other types of aromas, they may not be sufficient.

Handkerchief plus alcohol or sanitizer

Another way to quickly clean the drip tip of your electronic cigarette is to use a common tissue soaked in alcohol. Alcohol evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and can kill numerous germs and bacteria. But be careful, because not all drip tip materials are compatible with this substance (some plastics could become opaque and ruined).


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How to clean the resistance of the electronic cigarette 

How to clean the resistance of the electronic cigarette 

The coil, or the resistance of the electronic cigarette, is a very important component for the quality of vaping. It is this element, in fact, that heats the liquid present in the atomizer and transforms it into steam. However, with use, it often happens that liquid residues form in the resistive wire coil. Good maintenance requires that the resistor must be replaced every month; however, to have an optimal vaping experience, it is a good practice to clean it often. There are mainly two methods used to do this:

the dry burn;

washing under running water.

The first technique involves removing the cotton and liquid from the tank and activating the ‘dry’ resistance. By becoming incandescent, the coil burns liquid residues and makes them easier to remove. The second, however, consists of the most classic of washes, which can also be carried out with the aid of a toothbrush and a detergent.

In conclusion

Now that you know the methods for carrying out good maintenance on your e-cig, you have all the useful information to keep your device always clean and efficient. To preserve its components, however, it is also important to use quality e-cigarette liquids.

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Take Aways

Daily maintenance of the electronic cigarette is important not only to maintain the efficiency of the device, but also for hygienic reasons. Some elements should therefore be cleaned daily, in particular the atomizer and the spout.

The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette that must be cleaned carefully, since if it is neglected, residues of dust and aromas will accumulate which will reduce its heating power, decreasing its performance. There are several ways to clean the atomizer, including bathing in hot water and detergent, boiling or ultrasonic cleaning.

The spout, or drip tip, is the element that comes into contact with the mouth and, therefore, must always be kept clean for hygienic reasons. It can be cleaned with soap and water, sanitizer or alcohol wipes.

The coil, or the resistance of the electronic cigarette, is a very important component for the quality of vaping and must be cleaned often to have an optimal vaping experience. It can be cleaned by dry burning or washing under running water.

Questions and answers

Why is it important to clean the electronic cigarette every day?
Daily cleaning of your e-cigarette is important to keep the device efficient and hygienic. In particular, it is essential to clean the atomizer and the spout to avoid accumulations of residues that can compromise the vaping experience.

How do you clean the atomizer of your electronic cigarette?
The atomizer of the electronic cigarette can be cleaned in different ways. Among the most common are washing in hot water and detergent, boiling or ultrasonic cleaning. It is important to clean all the components of the atomizer perfectly, with the exception of the heating element which is disposable.

How do you clean the nozzle of the electronic cigarette?
The nozzle, or drip tip, of the electronic cigarette can be cleaned with soap and water, water and sanitizer, placemats soaked in alcohol or handkerchiefs soaked in alcohol. It is important to keep it sanitized, as it is the only part of the device that comes into contact with the mouth.