The complete guide to the types of electronic cigarettes on the market

The complete guide to the types of electronic cigarettes on the market

Published on: 10/12/2023


Taking a look at the most varied stores of electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids, you will have realized that there are many devices that are very different from each other.

Some are small and slender, others are bulkier and (probably) heavier, some come in the form of ready-made kits, in other cases it is necessary to compose the e-cigarettes by purchasing the pieces to be assembled separately.

But is it just about aesthetics?

No, the shape and characteristics of each e-cigarette also affect the vaping experience you get.

If you are curious to know more, here you can find all the clarifications you are looking for on electronic cigarettes and the most popular types of devices: here are the differences and why they are chosen.


Cigalike: the e-cig for new vapers

Let’s start with the simplest of all: cigalikes.

Cigalike is a term that indicates their appearance, designed to be as similar as possible to traditional cigarettes. In fact they are thin, with an elongated shape and can be held between the fingers just like blondes.

They are made up of two parts: a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartridge that contains the liquid with nicotine and flavourings.

To use them, simply screw the cartridge to the battery and inhale from the mouthpiece: the device activates automatically and heats the liquid, transforming it into steam. Some cigalikes also have an LED light that turns on when you inhale, to simulate the classic effect of burning tobacco in traditional cigarettes.

They are usually available in various flavors and liquid nicotine levels, to satisfy a wide range of preferences and needs, within the limits of the variants marketed by the manufacturer: it is usually possible to choose between classic flavors such as tobacco or menthol, or more original flavors such as fruit , chocolate or coffee.

It is also possible to regulate the amount of nicotine you want to take, choosing between cartridges with different dosages, from 0 to 24 mg/ml. In this way, a willing vaper can gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine, until they stop completely.


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Box Mod: The perfect device for custom vaping

Box Mod: The perfect device for custom vaping

Box mod devices are a type of e-cig, which is distinguished by its characteristic shape, which roughly resembles a box with a component called an atomizer screwed onto the top into which the liquid is inserted which vaporizes by heating a metal resistance also contained inside the atomizer..

These vaping devices are usually larger than other types of electronic cigarettes, due to the presence of a more powerful battery which guarantees them greater autonomy.

The characteristic that distinguishes them is above all that these devices are designed to be customized according to the user’s needs, for example through the replacement of the main components, such as the atomizer (which we mentioned previously), the rechargeable batteries, or the drip tip (the mouthpiece through which the vapor is inhaled). This feature makes them the most popular devices among vapers who wish to have a vaping experience tailored to them by carefully choosing all the details based on their tastes.

Mechanical Box Mods

E-cig box mods are of two types: mechanical box mods and electronic ones.

The latter are the most popular among veteran vapers, linked to old vaping practices. In fact, they use less recent technology than current e-cigarettes and must be used with extreme care due to the fact that they do not have any circuit to control the delivery of energy from the battery to the atomizer, nor to protect the user from short circuits. or from overheating.

Therefore, this type of device requires greater attention and care to avoid any short circuits and not to overcharge the battery.

To avoid these risks, it is necessary to periodically check the health status of the various components of the electronic cigarette; in particular, each atomizer must be regenerated in the appropriate way, just as the battery must be charged correctly.

And, above all, it is advisable that they are used exclusively by very experienced vapers who know what they are doing.

From a technical point of view, mechanical box mods are activated by a button that allows the liquid contained in the tank to heat up and transform into vapor. Typically, they have a bottom feeder type atomizer, i.e. perforated to allow the electonic liquid to enter inside from the bottom and reach the coil (another name for the resistance).

Electronic Box Mods

Electronic box mods, on the other hand, use more advanced technologies, as they are equipped with a protection and delivery circuit that allows the battery to communicate directly with the atomizer to modulate the voltage of the device.

The atomizer is thus able to heat the liquid more efficiently and as the battery discharges the power of the device remains unchanged.

Unlike mechanical box mods, therefore, there is no drop in power due to the progressive running out of the battery. Furthermore, the presence of a control circuit allows the use of larger resistors (with a higher value in ohms), with single or multiple coils, thanks to which the voltage can be modulated.

These electronic cigarettes certainly represent the ideal choice for those who want good control over the customization of their device without, however, giving up those protection systems that practically eliminate the risk of finding themselves with a damaged e-cig which can also constitute a risk for the user. safety of the vaper.

Introduction to the Pod Mod: the pocket electronic cigarette

A pod mod is a small, compact and very simple to use electronic cigarette. It is very similar to the cigalike of which it is, in fact, the evolution.

It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular models both by people who are approaching the world of vaping for the first time and by those who need a device to carry comfortably in their pocket.

This particular device has three main components, namely the battery, the tank and the atomizer, usually covered by a cap. The tank is a small container for electronic cigarette liquids, and the cap has an exit hole from which the liquid is sucked.

Pod mods differ from each other based on the activation mechanism: there are automatic pods, without buttons, which dispense liquid every time the vaper inhales, and pod mods that can be activated by pressing a button, similar to classic boxed electronic cigarettes.

Pocket electronic cigarettes such as pods offer numerous benefits to vapers and can replace (totally or at particular times) box mod e-cigarettes.

Here are their positive features:

they have small dimensions: a pod takes up little space both in your pocket and in your bag and you can take them anywhere without fear of breaking them;

they do not require major maintenance, therefore they are simpler to use than other e-cigs;

they have very simple resistors to replace: the pods have non-regenerable atomizers (if you don’t know this term, you will discover its meaning later), so the heads are purchased prefabricated (integrated or not with the cartridge with liquid) and can be replaced in a few seconds;

they are cheap: they usually have a price of less than €50, so they are ideal for novices and for those who want a “battle” e-cig to use in situations that are not suitable for an expensive electronic cigarette.

Generally, these devices are particularly suitable for those who are approaching the world of vaping and for those who need an e-cig to accompany the box mod, a sort of ‘forklift’.

Usually, in fact, vapers do not use them as their main device for the following reasons:

the vaping experience with a pod is milder than electronic cigarettes with powerful batteries, like most box mods;

it is not suitable for cloud chasing and lung shooting, because it does not emit dense clouds of vapor and has a small tank;

the battery is always integrated and, once empty, it cannot be replaced with a spare one (to recharge it you always need a socket or a power bank to which the USB cable can be attached).

Rebuildable and non-rebuildable atomizers: differences and advantages

The variety of types of products available on the market is not limited to the device seen in its entirety, but also to the different models of its components, in particular the atomizer, the real heart of e-cigs. Based on the characteristics of the latter, electronic cigarettes can be differentiated into regenerable and non-regenerable ones.

The difference between non-regenerable atomizers and rebuildable atomizers is fundamentally in the type of resistance, which must be changed regularly. In the former, the resistors are ready for use and already assembled with cotton: in this case they are called head coils or heads.

Rebuildable atomizers require handmade coils and are not suitable for ready-made head coils. If you love to try your hand at DIY, they are perfect: you need to equip yourself with the tools of the trade, i.e. cotton and resistive wire for electronic cigarettes, and learn all the steps by heart.

It’s really very simple: you simply have to cut a piece of resistive wire of the right length (on average 15 cm based on the needs of your atomizer) and wrap it in a spiral.

Without going into excessively complex details that could make the article too heavy for less experienced readers, below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of atomizer.

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The advantages of rebuildable atomizers

require the use of practical resistors that are ready and quick to insert into the atomizer;

the manufacturer specifies their maximum power (in watts) and resistance value (in ohms) on the head coils: reading them is essential to understand the maximum voltage to which you can bring your electronic cigarette and facilitates setting these values at vapers;

the good quality pre-made coils, therefore original and suitable for the relevant atomizer, have no defects. Rarely it may be necessary to throw them away as soon as they are assembled as they are not working, but these are sporadic cases.

The disadvantages of rebuildable atomizers

the price of the head coils is one of the main disadvantages of these atomizers. Usually they can cost up to 5 euros each, but manufacturers allow you to save something by purchasing them in packages containing multiple pieces;

the use of organic e-liquids and aromas leads to premature deterioration of the heads due to the strong release of residues. For this reason, vapers who use non-regenerable atomizers tend to use purely synthetic liquids and aromas in order not to spend too much money on pre-made heads.

The advantages of rebuildable atomizers

The advantages of rebuildable atomizers

the main advantage of these atomizers is savings. The materials to make the coils are much less expensive than purchasing packs of pre-made coils. For example, a spool of resistor wire 10 meters long costs around 5 euros, more or less the same as the cost of a pack of good quality cotton. Therefore a single DIY resistor costs a few cents, while a single pre-made head costs a few euros;due to their very low cost, artisanal coils can be changed with much less hesitation than pre-made heads and therefore lend themselves well to the use of organic liquids and aromas which quickly dirty the resistors.

The disadvantages of rebuildable atomizers

if your electronic cigarette has a regenerable atomizer you will always be forced to spend time making the coils (even if it’s just a few minutes);

you could make mistakes when making a resistance, especially when you are learning: you would then be forced to start again from the beginning and perhaps with a certain amount of nervousness due to the wasted time.

In conclusion

Now you know the various types of electronic cigarette: there are the smaller and more compact e-cigarettes, usually sold in ready-made kits, and there are the more sophisticated electronic cigarettes to be assembled based on the experience you want to obtain, characterized by dimensions larger due to more powerful batteries.

Not to mention, then, the whole world that opens up when we talk about regenerable and non-regenerable atomizers. In short, the beauty of vaping is that there are devices suitable for every level of experience, taste or need, and it is also thanks to this characteristic that more and more people decide to abandon the monotonous blondes and move on to a less serious lifestyle. harmful to health by switching to electronic smoking.

Having said that, we invite you to take a look at the electronic cigarettes available in our Terpy store and the vast choice of liquids, flavors and bases for e-liquids: you will certainly find what’s right for you!

We are waiting for you!

Take Aways

Electronic cigarettes are very different devices and their shape and characteristics affect the vaping experience that can be obtained.

Cigalikes are the simplest e-cigs, made up of a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartridge containing the liquid with nicotine and flavourings.

Box mods are larger, customizable devices made up of a powerful battery and a replaceable atomizer. There are mechanical and electronic box mods, the latter with advanced technologies for controlling the delivery of energy from the battery to the atomizer.

Pod mods are pocket-sized and compact electronic cigarettes, very simple to use and ideal for those who are approaching the world of vaping or for those who need an e-cig to always carry with them. However, they are not suitable for cloud chasing and lung puffing, and present a milder vaping experience than box mods.

The difference between regenerable and non-regenerable atomizers lies in the type of resistance which must be changed regularly. In the former the resistors are handcrafted, while in the latter they are already assembled with cotton.

The advantages of non-rebuildable atomizers are the affordable price of ready-to-use resistors, the fact that the manufacturer specifies the maximum power and resistance value, and the quality of pre-made head coils.

The disadvantages of non-regenerable atomizers are the high price of the head coils, the need to use synthetic liquids and e-liquid flavors so as not to deteriorate them quickly.

The advantages of rebuildable atomizers are the savings in terms of cost of homemade coils, the fact that they lend themselves well to the use of organic liquids and aromas which quickly dirty the resistors.

The disadvantages of rebuildable atomizers are the need to dedicate time to making the coils and the risk of making mistakes during the creation process.

Questions and answers

What are the most popular types of e-cigs on the market?

There are different types of e-cigs including:

Cigalike: with a design similar to traditional cigarettes, composed of a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartridge containing the liquid.

Box Mod: devices with a characteristic shape that guarantee greater autonomy, customizable according to the user’s needs.

Pod Mod: small and compact electronic cigarettes, simple to use and with resistors that are easy to replace.

What are the characteristics of mechanical box mods?


Mechanical box mods are characterized by:


the absence of control circuits for energy supply;

a button that activates the liquid contained in the tank and transforms it into steam;

the presence of a bottom feeder type atomizer, perforated to allow the liquid to enter inside it.

What are the advantages of pocket-sized e-cigarettes, such as pod mods?


Pod mods offer several benefits, including:

the small dimensions that make them convenient to carry everywhere;

simplicity of use and maintenance;

resistors are easy to replace;

a lower price than other types of e-cigs.