How to put the liquid in the electronic cigarette: best practices

How to put the liquid in the electronic cigarette

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Electronic cigarette liquid refill in complete safety thanks to terpy’s suggestions

If you are new to vaping, knowing how to put the e liquid flavours in the electronic cigarette is the first step to get started without mistakes.

We understand very well that it may seem complicated and that this new system can scare you, as it is completely different from the analog cigarette.

Don’t worry: take one of your e cigarette liquid and, following our instructions, you will see that proceeding with the refill is actually much easier than you expected.

First of all, check which model of electronic cigarette you have. In fact, the refill varies from tank to tank.

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Electronic cigarette liquid refill according to the system of the device

To avoid mistakes when filling the electronic cigarette with vaping liquids, you need to know a basic characteristic of your device: is it a closed or open system?

A closed system e cigarette does not require manual liquid refilling. It has cartridges to be replaced periodically when the device is no longer able to vaporize. Being the most expensive system ever, and above all not very ecological, we advise you to switch (obviously when you want) to open system electronic cigarettes.

Open system devices have a tank that you can fill with e cigarette liquid with or without nicotine, and most of all with the taste of your choice. You can make them at home (with the vape flavours, the e liquid base and any liquid nicotine) or buy ready-made-liquids, as our vape liquids.

Closed system electronic cigarette liquid refill

Replacing a cartridge is very simple. Here are all the steps to change a cartridge in a closed system:

  1. unscrew the used cartridge and throw it in the waste (usually it goes in the unsorted bin),
  2. take a new cartridge and tighten it in place of the old one, making sure it is tight.

Et voilà, that’s it. Now let’s see how to recharge an open system electronic cigarette with top, bottom or side refill system.

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How to put the liquid in an electronic cigarette with top or bottom refill (open system)

In general, the tanks of the open system devices are entirely transparent or have a transparent window from which the residual liquid level can be seen.

When the tank is empty – or almost -, you can take the following steps to put the vaping liquids:

Device with top e-liquid refill

  1. close the air holes of your e-cig;
  2. unscrew the device cover;
  3. slightly tilt the electronic cigarette and bring the e-liquid bottle close to the holes dedicated to the refill;
  4. gently press the e liquid bottle until it reaches the maximum limit of the tank;
  5. screw the cover back on,
  6. overturn the tank and reopen the air holes (to avoid liquid leaks).

Usually with pods you don’t have the “problem” of having to close the air holes. And actually you don’t even have it if you use a bottom refill system.

electronic cigrette

Device with bottom e-liquid refill

  1. remove the atomizer from the box;
  2. unscrew the base of the atomizer;
  3. fill the space between the bell and the tank;
  4. screw the base back on and put the atomizer back on the box.

Now let’s see how to put the liquid in an electronic cigarette with a side refill system.

Put the liquid in an electronic cigarette with a hole on the side of the tank

Several electronic cigarette models have a refill system on the side of the tank. This is a very convenient and fast system, but you have to consider that you will have to use liquids with a spout long enough to avoid spills.

Here are all the steps in this case:

  1. close the air holes;
  2. rotates the protection that closes the hole or holes on the tank;
  3. fill the tank with e-liquid;
  4. close the protection and reopen the air holes.

In the pods, this system is usually facilitated by the absence of air holes and by a simple cap that closes the hole dedicated to the refill (however protected by a crown to be unscrewed).

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Tips for a correct refill of electronic cigarettes

We have paid particular attention to closing the air holes (and then reopening them once the refill is completed) since this procedure allows you to avoid liquid leaks as much as possible during filling.

If you still get your hands dirty with liquids for e cigarette nicotine, go immediately to wash them and do not touch your eyes and mouth! In fact, our skin and body absorb liquid nicotine very quickly and this can cause annoying irritation.

On the other hand, the danger of intoxication is averted by the nicotine limit imposed for vaping tobacco flavour e liquid (20 mg / ml) and by the small quantities of this substance with which you may come into contact.

In conclusion

Now you know how to put e liquid in electronic cigarettes of different types (with cartridges, with liquid refill from above, from below and from the side).

All you have to do is buy e liquid and start vaping! Visit our Terpy online shop and choose the best tobacco, fruity, creamy and premium e liquid.