Electronic cigarette: how much to smoke per day?

Electronic cigarette: how much to smoke per day?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Are you unsure how much to vape? Here are a few clarifications, so you don’t risk overdoing it

To estimate how much a smoker smokes, one usually considers the number of cigarettes they light each day.

Some people smoke a whole packet of cigarettes, others 20 or 10… Everyone has their own habits.

But when it comes to vape, things change.

A vaping device doesn’t stop working after a few puffs, but the vaper must decide when to stop using it.

For this reason, many ex-smokers are unclear about how to use an electronic cigarette and how much to smoke (or vape instead) so as not to overdo it.

How do you adjust?

With the number of puffs?

With the level of vaping liquid?

Here are some explanations on how to use an electronic cigarette.


How much to vape? Tips and advice

If you have only recently approached the world of vaping or do not understand whether you are vaping too much or not, you are bound to be looking for some clarification.

The first thing to point out is that you should not overdo it with an electronic cigarette.


Well, certainly because, even though it works without the combustion process, vaping also puts continuous strain on the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth as well as the respiratory system.

Secondly, the way you vape should not coincide with your habits with analogue cigarettes.

With an e-cigarette, you should vape for short periods: ideally, you should take four or five puffs at a time and then put the device aside.

Using an e-cigarette for too long in succession could lead to a phenomenon called ‘vaping tongue’ (or, vaper’s tongue), i.e. the irritation and tingling of the taste buds and the closure of the olfactory receptors, with the consequent inability to taste the vaping aromas.

In addition to these essential aspects, it should also be borne in mind that the e-cigarette is an electronic device and could become excessively hot if used for too long.

But, then, how do you adjust during a day?

If you have just switched to vaping to get rid of the analogue cigarette habit, at first, to make this change ‘less traumatic’, we recommend that you use the e-cig at times when you would typically take a cigarette break.

Many ex-smokers, who are enthusiastic that the e-cigarette can be used in many indoor environments, tend to overdo it, but for the sake of their health, it would be good not to give in to this temptation.

On the contrary, after this recommendation, we recommend that you gradually reduce the frequency of e-cigarette use until your dependence on old cigarettes has been overcome, and you can easily do without them.

To sum up: Ideally, you should vape sensibly, without exceeding the number of puffs or the duration.

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Do you use both analogue and electronic cigarettes? Here is what you should know

Are you in a transitional phase, and are you using e-cigarettes without abandoning the classic ‘blondes’ cigarettes altogether? If the answer is yes, and you are wondering how to balance the two practices, you should change your strategy.

Below we explain why.

If you have heard that electronic cigarette cleanses the lungs, it is true in a way.

However, it would help if you gave up analogue cigarettes altogether for this to happen.

Marlboro e-cigarettes, known as IQOS

The reason is simple.

When you smoke traditional cigarettes, the combustion process produces hundreds of harmful substances (including tar), which soak into the lungs and bronchi, forming a patina that blocks the action of the bronchial cilia and other protective functions of the respiratory system.

It means that if you continue to smoke five or ten cigarettes instead of twenty, even with the help of e-cigarettes, you will not be able to clear your lungs and feel better.

Only by replacing analogue cigarettes entirely you can eliminate this problem and promote a self-cleaning process in your body.

Look for the tobacco liquids that most closely resemble the taste of the cigarettes you used to smoke, and you will see that with an electronic cigarette, you will not miss the ‘blondes’, and you will feel better.

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To conclude

In this article, we have made it clear that although electronic cigarettes are preferable to analogue cigarettes, it is essential not to overuse them.

Smoke responsibly, and remember to use only and exclusively quality products that comply with the regulations, such as those you will find on sale in our Terpy.shop store.

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