Disposable electronic cigarette: prices and functions

Prices and functions of the disposable electronic cigarette

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Learn more about disposable electronic cigarettes: find out how they work, their advantages, disadvantages and costs.

Over the last few decades, many products and tools have been designed and manufactured to help smokers quit.

There are patches, nicotine gum and, of course, electronic cigarette.

Speaking of the latter, if you look at local and online stores, you will realise that there are many different models and variants.

For example, there is also the disposable electronic cigarette.

Are you curious to know how it works?

Would you like to know more about its features and costs?

Well, read on because, in the following paragraphs, we will help you to clarify this type of device.

Here is everything you should know about disposable e-cigarettes.

disposable e-cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarette: how does it work?

Disposable e-cigarettes are ready-to-use devices that look very similar to analogue cigarettes but, like traditional e-cigarettes, are tobacco-free and produce vapour without the need for a combustion process.

How does a disposable e-cig work?

Operating a disposable vaping device is very simple: take it out of the packaging and vape.

Before use, there is no need to plug it in or fill the tank with vape liquids.

However, once you have finished charging it, all you have to do is throw it in the trash.

While a classic electronic cigarette can be used for months or years, a disposable device has a brief life span.

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Pros and cons of disposable e-cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are undoubtedly very practical and readily available, contrary to popular belief (you can find a disposable e-cigarette in a pharmacy or tobacco shop).

Their strengths include the fact that they do not need to be assembled and disassembled to use them, do not require any maintenance, and are very small in size.

They are ideal for those who have little practice with e-cigarettes and urgently need help to quit smoking.

However, despite these merits, disposable cigarettes have more than a few shortcomings.

First of all, these small devices do not produce much vapour.

Let’s say they can be compared to the less powerful cheek shot pod mods. However, the fact that they do not allow you to adjust the strength of the puff can also make the vaping experience unsatisfactory for many ex-smokers, who will tend to opt for traditional cigarettes again.

Another drawback of disposable e-cigarettes is their durability compared to their cost.

If you want to use them to replace analogue cigarettes completely, you will have to use a new one every two days or so, and if you look at their prices, you can see that this is a costly choice!

Considering the environmental impact is not exactly a good idea to throw away so many empty e-cigarettes every week.

In short: convenient, yes, but also very expensive, not very environmentally friendly and ‘perhaps’ not very satisfying.

Prices of disposable e-cigarettes

How much do disposable e-cigarettes cost? The difference with traditional electronic cigarettes

There are many disposable electronic cigarettes on the market, with or without nicotine, so it is impossible to talk about universal prices.

However, by browsing through the most popular online shops, we have ascertained that the cost of a single disposable e-cigarette varies on average between 4 and 8 euros.

And that’s not all. Thanks to the testimonies of ex-smokers who have tried these devices to stop smoking, we have also obtained some data on their durability.

People who smoke a packet of cigarettes a day cannot make a disposable e-cig last more than a day.

Those who smoked less managed to use disposable devices for two days.

Although these figures are indicative, you don’t need to do a lot of calculations to understand how much more expensive disposable e-cigarettes are compared to classic pod mods or box mods.

If, for example, you were to buy an eGo AIO e-cigarette and a 30 ml bottle of liquid in our Terpy store, you would spend around 30 euros. So it is a pittance, despite the initial investment in the device.

The following month, then, with the e-cigarette, you would spend about half that amount. In short, what you would spend on disposable e-cigarettes in a few days!

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To conclude

Disposable electronic cigarettes are practical and easy to use but relatively expensive and underperforming than classic e-cigarettes.

If you are looking for help to quit smoking, we recommend that you opt for the latter.

Using a classic vaping device makes you much more likely to kick the smoking habit successfully. It is because you can customise your vaping experience both through the settings on the device itself and through the large selection of e-cigarette liquids.

Visit our Terpy.co.uk store today, and you’ll find everything you need for the best vaping experience.