Electronic cigarette that no longer shoots: how to fix it

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Published on: 22/02/2023

What to do if you notice your e-cig is not producing enough vapor

Until today your e-cigarette has worked perfectly, but suddenly you notice something is wrong: you press the power button and inhale, but you can no longer feel the vapor. It seems that your e-cig produces much less steam than you remembered.

In short, you have noticed that your electronic cigarette no longer shoots. And the worst part is that you have no idea what the problem could be.

Are you experiencing a similar situation?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place: in this article I’ll show you what the causes of the reduction of the vapor produced by your e-cig can be and how to intervene to remedy this unexpected situation.

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Does the e-cigarette not produce vapor? Try these solutions

Ok, let’s try to clarify what you mean by ‘the electronic cigarette no longer shoots‘.

Does this mean that when you bring it to your mouth and try to inhale, no steam comes out? If so, first check that your device is turned on correctly.

I know, it seems like trivial advice, but it can happen that you don’t notice that you have an unlit electronic cigarette in your hands, especially if it is a model without a display, lights or other elements that signal if it has been activated correctly. To check this detail, press the power button and bring the cigarette close to your ear: if it is active, you should hear a slight sizzling noise. If not, it means it is off.

Have you checked that your e-cig is turned on correctly, but it still doesn’t produce steam?

Check the battery: perhaps, the charge level is too low, or this element has worn out and needs to be changed. Try to recharge it and if the problem persists, replace it with a new one.

Another possible cause is a malfunction of the atomizer.

Sometimes it is sufficient for this element to be screwed badly to the battery to prevent the passage of electric current from the latter to the resistance. Check that you have assembled the atomizer correctly. If it is screwed in correctly, it may no longer work and need to be replaced. In this case, unscrew it and install a new one.

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If your e-cig seems to work, but is producing too little vapor, the coil may be the problem

If by ‘the electronic cigarette no longer shoots‘ you mean that it produces steam, but less than in the past, then the cause is most likely the resistance.

When a coil is used for a long time, especially with very thick e-liquids that contain a lot of impurities, its constituent parts degrade. The metal wire through which the electricity produced by the batteries passes becomes encrusted and does not heat up adequately. Cotton, for its part, loses the ability to vaporize the liquid absorbed by the tank.

Check that your resistance is still valid: disassemble it from the atomizer and check inside. If the cotton has a dark color, you need to change it. Put in a new one, suitable for the e-liquid you are using, and your e-cig will most likely start working again as it used to.

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Are you sure you have set the correct power for the resistance you are using?

If your e-cigarette continues to produce little vapor despite having changed the resistance, perhaps the problem is the power supplied by your device.

I’ll explain.

Each resistor performs best when used within a certain wattage range. If there are too many, you risk burning it and ruining it irreparably from the very first puffs. Conversely, if they are few, the resistance is not able to adequately vaporize the e-liquid.

But how can you know the ideal range for your coil?

It’s very simple. Fortunately, the companies that produce the resistors for electronic cigarettes engrave on the surface of the latter the minimum and maximum number of watts to be set to make the most of them.

I’ll give you an example: if you read ’25-35′ on the surface of your resistance, it means that that model should be used by setting your electronic cigarette so that it delivers no less than 25 and no more than 35 watts.

Follow these guidelines and your coil will be able to vaporize e-liquids correctly.

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In conclusion

In this article I have explained to you how to intervene if you realize that your electronic cigarette no longer shoots.

If it doesn’t produce steam, obviously some components of the device are not working properly: in this case, you must try to identify the culprit (or culprits) to find a valid remedy. Conversely, if your e-cig produces steam, but not enough, it is very likely that the resistance is responsible: either it has been damaged due to long use, or it does not receive an adequate amount of energy from the battery.

I hope the tips listed in this article have been helpful to you.

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