What are the effects of e-cigarettes and why are they less harmful than smoking?

The effects of the electronic cigarette

Modified on: 27/12/2022

Here’s what happens to the body when you vape an e-cigarette

Even the walls know it by now: e-cigarettes are one of the most effective tools for quitting smoking and are even recommended by doctors in some countries. However, many smokers are wary of its effects, which is curious, as the harms of cigarettes have been well known for decades.

In this article you will find out what the effects of e-cigarettes are, both positive (many) and negative, and how to prevent the latter.

The electronic cigarette has positive effects for those who want to stop smoking

What are the benefits of the e-cigarette?

Given that the e-cigarette has helped millions of people around the world to quit smoking since it was launched, it is worth talking about its positive effects first. And what could be better than quitting smoking? Well, probably nothing, and those who are addicted to tobacco know that.

Replacing analogue cigarettes with e-cigarettes offers advantages from day one. Do you know why? With this device, you will stop inhaling the toxic substances produced by the combustion of tobacco and the paper that wraps it. The basis of vaping is not this harmful process, but vaporisation: by heating the vaping liquids (composed of e-liquid base, vaping flavourings and, if necessary, liquid nicotine) by means of an electrical resistance, a flavoured vapour is produced whose impact on the lungs and the body in general is much less than the tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other harmful substances found in cigarette smoke.

According to the opinion of many scientists, vaping presents 95% fewer health risks than analogue cigarettes. And that’s not all: because with the e-cigarette you can decide how much nicotine to take, by gradually decreasing the percentage of nicotine in your liquids you can eliminate it completely from your body within a few months. All this without experiencing the withdrawal symptoms that, unfortunately, convince many smokers to give up and go back to the damn blonde cigarettes.

But beware: the fact that vaping is a useful practice for such an important purpose should not lead you to believe that it is good for your health. That would be a misrepresentation of reality. I agree with the advantages of vaping from an analogue cigarette, but you should know that e-cigs can also generate unpleasant effects (although not comparable to those of smoking).

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What ailments e-cigarettes can cause

Let’s be clear: there is no comparison between smoking and vaping. The former is a very harmful practice that causes millions of deaths a year, not to mention the long-term damage it causes to smokers from an early age. Vaping involves inhaling vapours produced by substances such as vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and synthetic flavourings.

Now the question arises: “But are these compounds safe or do they pose a health risk?

So let’s start from a premise: most e-cigarette liquids are composed of the e liquid base, i.e. a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These two substances are considered safe. It should be noted, however, that propylene glycol can cause dry mouth, coughing and sore throat in case of prolonged intake and excessive doses.

Tobacco, creamy or fruit flavours, on the other hand, may cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, before choosing a flavouring, make sure that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients. Another problem with e-cig use is the persistence of nicotine addiction, but – frankly speaking – this depends solely on the individual’s willpower. In any case, if you really can’t give up nicotine, vaping is better than smoking.

Effects of vaping

E-cigarette poisoning: safe with quality liquids

As vaping poses a threat to multinational tobacco companies, e-cigarettes are often pilloried for negative incidents such as liquid poisoning. Apart from some false myths that have been spread over the years with the aim of denigrating e-cigarettes, there have indeed been situations like the one mentioned above.

However, these are sporadic incidents which, moreover, have nothing to do with the safety of the devices themselves, but rather with the sense of responsibility and care of those who use them. In fact, vape liquid poisoning has only occurred when vapers have used toxic substances to make them or have resorted to the black market.

To avoid situations of this kind, simply purchase tobacco, creamy, fruity and premium e liquids from authorised establishments, taking care to check certifications and ingredient lists.

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In conclusion

After reading this article it will be clear to you that vaping is a relatively safe practice and its positive effects clearly outweigh the negative ones, especially if you are a smoker and are looking for a method to quit smoking.

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