How does the adapter to recharge the electronic cigarette in the car work?

How does the adapter to recharge the electronic cigarette in the car work?

Published on: 15/10/2023


Charging your e-cigarette in the car can be a necessity, especially on long journeys.

The solution is simple and inexpensive: all you need is an adapter for the car cigarette lighter and a USB cable to charge the e-cigarette battery. There is also an alternative: let’s find out more about it

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In-car e-cig charging adapter: what it is

To recharge your e-cigarette while travelling by car, the solution is very simple: just buy an adapter for the car cigarette lighter and connect it via USB cable to the e-cig.

You can buy a simple, one-output or multi-output adapter with different outputs and, consequently, charging speeds.

On the market we find:

In-car e-cig charging adapter: what it is

  • One-slot USB cigarette lighter adapters
  • USB adapters for two-slot cigarette lighters
  • USB cigarette lighter adapters with three or more  slots

Charging speed depends on the power output: you can find 1-amp, 2-amp, 3-amp adapters. Some have Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which considerably reduces the charging time (it can charge a mobile phone in just over half an hour). Quick Charge is very useful if you have an empty or almost empty e-cigarette and need to make a short trip.

Some more advanced – and expensive – models are able to detect an overload and protect against short circuits. In general, most USB cigarette lighter adapters are compatible with 12 or 24 volt USB sockets.

How the adapter for recharging the electronic cigarette in the car works

The USB adapter is a device which, connected to the cigarette lighter, converts and channels the 12V current from the car battery to the e-cigarette, but also to other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

You have to pay attention to the technical characteristics of both the adapter and the e-cigarette: choosing an adapter with too much power output can ruin the e-cig battery. That is why you should pay attention to which adapter you choose for in-car charging.

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How to choose the ideal USB car adapter for your e-cig

Before buying a car cigarette lighter adapter and charging your electronic cigarette in the car, you should consider a few important aspects.

Compatibility with the electronic cigarette: be careful because some adapters are only compatible with specific brands. Better to opt for a universal adapter, but watch out for quality.

Build quality: the prices of car chargers are not high, but it is better to avoid products that are too cheap. Rather, it is better to choose a certified product, purchased from reliable dealers, so as to avoid problems with both the e-cigarette and the car cigarette lighter.

One or more slots: is it better to opt for a single- or multi-outlet adapter? It depends: how many devices do you need to connect? If you want to charge your e-cigarette and, at the same time, charge your smartphone, choose a car adapter with multiple outlets.

Quick Charge: an adapter with Quick Charge technology can charge your e-cigarette in a very short time as it can deliver 2 to 5 amps. Be careful, however: check that your e-cig battery supports quick charging. Generally, there should be no problem: if you have any doubts, read the instructions or contact the manufacturer.

How to choose the ideal USB car adapter for your e-cig

An alternative to the USB cigarette lighter adapter: the power bank

If you prefer not to buy adapters for the car’s cigarette lighter – or it is not among the accessories included with the car – you can choose a good power bank. On the market you can find power banks with varying capacities, which support fast charging or not, and which have LED lights to indicate charging status.

The same applies as for the car charger: always check whether your electronic cigarette supports fast charging.

Some tips for refilling electronic cigarettes in the car

To avoid power surges or other problems with charging your electronic cigarette in the car, connect the device to the USB adapter only after you have started the car; otherwise, there is a risk of overcharging. Connect your e-cigarette before driving, or entrust a passenger with the task.

Finally, during the journey put the e-cigarette in a safe position so that it does not leak e-liquids or disconnect along the way.