Electronic cigarette atomizer: what it is, his characteristics and different types

Electronic cigarette atomizer: what it is, his characteristics and different types

Modified on: 13/05/2022

What is an electronic cigarette atomizer and which to choose between regenerable and non-regenerable atomizer

In simple terms, the atomizer of the electronic cigarette is the part of the e-cigarette where the atomization of the vaping e liquid takes place.

An atomizer is mounted on the battery of the electronic cigarette and contains one or two resistors, that are essential elements for the correct functioning of the device.

In order to have an optimal vaping experience, it is necessary that you know the different types of e-cig atomizers on the market: as you gain experience in the field you will become more demanding. You will prefer a certain type of atomizer rather than another and your tastes and needs will probably also change about the e cigarette liquid.

Today we will talk exactly about the main types of atomizers on the market, non-regenerable atomizers and regenerable atomizers, so that you will know exactly which one to buy. Are you ready? Then continue reading the in-depth study!

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Non-regenerable atomizer for electronic cigarettes: what it is, advantages and disadvantages

The difference between non-regenerable atomizers and regenerable atomizers basically lies in the type of resistance, which must be changed regularly. In a non-regenerable atomizer, the resistors are ready to use and already assembled with cotton: in this case they are called Head Coil or heads.

What are the pros and cons of this type of atomizer? Here they are listed below:

  • Advantages of non-regenerable atomizers: utilization of ready-made resistors that are quick to insert. The manufacturer specifies on the Head coils their power (in watts) and the value (in ohms): reading this information is essential to understand the maximum voltage to which you can use your electronic cigarette. The pre-made coils of good quality are original, suitable for your atomizer and generally do not have defects. You will rarely have to throw away a freshly assembled one because it doesn’t work properly.
  • Disadvantages of non-regenerable atomizers: the price of the Head coils is one of the main disadvantages of these atomizers (they usually cost over 2 euros each, but manufacturers sell them in packs of 3 or more pieces). Furthermore, the use of organic liquids and flavours leads to premature deterioration of the heads due to the strong release of residues. This leads vapers that use non-regenerable atomizers to use purely liquids and synthetic flavours in order not to spend too much money on pre-made heads.

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The pre-made heads are expensive, but at the same time very fast to mount in a special atomizer. They are very convenient if (and when) you do not have time or desire to make a do-it-yourself resistance: you simply have to take a head from the package, insert it into the atomizer and that’s it.

Regardless of its type, the resistance of the electronic cigarette must be changed when something strange happens. For example, you understand that it’s a need to replace the resistance when the aroma of vaping liquids is reduced or completely changed, when you start to feel a burnt taste and / or when the resistance is encrusted and the cotton is dirty.

Let’s now pass to the specifications of the regenerable atomizers.

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Regenerable atomizer: what it is and what are the pros and cons of this component of the electronic cigarette

Regenerable atomizers for e-cigarettes need handcrafted resistors and are not suitable for ready-made Head coils. They are perfect If you love DIY: you have to equip yourself with the appropriate tools, that is cotton and resistive wire for electronic cigarettes, and learn all the steps.

It’s really very simple: you simply have to cut a piece of resistive wire of the right length (on average 15 cm according to the needs of your atomizer) and wind it in a spiral.

Now that you have your DIY resistance, you can mount it in the atomizer and insert the cotton inside!

Do you want to know what are the pros and cons of the regenerable atomizer for electronic cigarettes? Here they are :

  • Advantages of regenerable atomizers: the main advantage of these atomizers is cost savings. The materials to make the coils are much less expensive than the purchase of pre-made head packs. For example, a 10 meter spool of resistance wire costs about 5 euros, more or less as the cost of a good quality cotton package. So a single do-it-yourself resistance costs a few cents, while a single pre-made head costs a few euros. In addition, the artisan coils, due to their very low price, can be changed with much less hesitation than the pre-made heads and so can be used with organic liquids and flavours that quickly dirty the resistors.
  • Disadvantages of regenerable atomizers: if your electronic cigarette has a regenerable atomizer you will always be forced to spend time to make the coils (even if it is just a few minutes). Also, you may make mistakes when building a resistance, especially when you are learning: you would then be forced to start over and perhaps with a certain amount of nervousness.

Now you will be asking yourself a very specific question …

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Which atomizer to buy between regenerable and non-regenerable?

It all depends on your needs: a regenerable e-cigarette atomizer is no better than a non-regenerable one.

However, if you are a neophyte, we recommend that you start with non-regenerable atomizers. In this way, you can first understand the functioning of the electronic cigarette in its entirety and get used to its use. Then, if you want to save money and if you prefer organic e liquid flavours, you could buy a regenerable atomizer and everything you need to make resistances.

We hope that this in-depth analysis has been helpful in understanding which atomizer to buy for your electronic cigarette! If you want to buy the best vape base products, visit Terpy now, our online shop where you will find everything you need for your e-cigarette.