What is the best electronic cigarette box of 2021?

What is the best e-cig box 2021?

Modified on: 29/07/2023

What are box mods, and how to choose the best one for your needs?

The box mod (or electronic cigarette box) has become a cult object among vaping enthusiasts.

They are small devices about the size of a packet of cigarettes that provide a very intense vape. In terms of intensity, the relationship between a simple e-cig and one fitted with a box mod can be compared to that between a traditional cigarette and a pipe.

Box mods can be mechanical or equipped with a circuit: the former operates (as the name suggests) mechanically, while the latter operates electronically. Mechanical devices consist of a battery with contacts, a reservoir for the vaping liquid, an atomizer, a metal contact connecting the bottle and the atomizer, and a trigger button. When the button is pressed, liquid flows from the reservoir to the atomizer, where a resistor heats it to allow vaping. Typically, mechanical box mods have a bottom-feeder atomizer.

In electronic devices, in addition to the components found in mechanical box mods, there is a control circuit that makes it possible to use more powerful resistances and, at the same time, control voltage and wattage.

The distinction between mechanical devices and those with an electronic circuit is far from the only classification of box mods: many different models exist. Box mods can be made of various materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, silver, copper, brass, wood, plexiglass and even gold. A device can be made of one or more materials (e.g. a costly metal such as gold can be used just for the trim or the battery contacts).

In addition to the classic rectangular shape, the box for an electronic cigarette can be square, spherical or double-tube: you are spoilt for choice. There are also handcrafted box mods, which have an undoubted artistic value and are much sought after by collectors.

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What features to consider when buying a box mod

When choosing a box for an electronic cigarette, the first factor to consider is the distinction between mechanical and electronic devices: box mods with a circuit are more suitable for novice vapers as it is easier to control the vape’s intensity at the same time, avoid accidents.

As far as the choice of materials is concerned, silver is perhaps the best material for mechanical box mods because of its conductivity and extraordinary hardness, but, being very expensive, it is not suitable for all budgets. There are also devices with components that are simply silver-plated. These have similar characteristics to solid silver box mods but are much more affordable.

Copper and aluminium have, like silver, excellent conductivity, but they are not as hard and, therefore, devices made of these materials are more likely to break or be damaged.

In contrast, stainless steel is very durable but has low conductivity, and, therefore, box mods made of this material are more suitable for vaping novices.

The shape can also influence the choice of the most suitable device for your needs: there are, in fact, box mods with an ergonomic shape, which are easier to hold than the classic rectangular ones.

Let’s look at the best electronic cigarette box models of 2021 and their characteristics.

Box mod for electronic cigarette: how to choose it?

Eleaf iPower 5000 mAh Bronze MOD electronic cigarette

The iPower 5000 mAh electronic cigarette box from Eleaf is a beautiful combination of functionality and style.

When it comes to the functionality of this device, what is most striking is the vast and clear screen which allows you to display all the vaping information with great ease. In addition, the buttons are also large and, therefore, easy to find.

This box mod has a capable battery that can deliver up to 80 W of power.

Eleaf’s iPower has five output modes, of which the smart mode and the bypass mode stand out. The smart mode is perfect for the vape that frequently changes tanks and coils: when this mode is activated, the device can automatically set the preferred wattage for the chosen resistance.

The bypass mode allows the Eleaf iPower to be used as a mechanical box mod, and this option will undoubtedly appeal to experienced vapers.

Dual circuit protection ensures safe vaping and prevents overloading.

Eleaf’s iPower also excels in style! The bronze colour is very stylish, but if that doesn’t suit your taste, the box mod is available in four other finishes, all equally beautiful and stylish.

This box is sold individually, without an atomizer.

Vaporesso Swag PX80

The Vaporesso Swag PX80 box mod stands out for its excellent value for money: this device can provide the same level of performance as much more expensive box mods.

The Vaporesso Swag PX80 requires a 18650 battery (sold separately) and can deliver a maximum power of 80W. The screen on which you can view and change settings is small in size but still very clear when switched on (if switched off, you can’t see it).

The kit also includes a pod cartridge and an adapter that allows it to be used with any atomizer, both rebuildable and non-rebuildable, as long as it has a 510 connection.

The minimal size of this device makes it very comfortable to carry around (it even fits in a shirt pocket) and to use outside the home.

The smart mode, which automatically selects the wattage according to the resistance installed, stands out.

The Vaporesso Swag PX80, made of high-quality materials such as zinc alloy and imitation leather, stands out for its excellent value for money and beauty and elegance. The faux leather trim is available in six colours: gunmetal, brown, red, green, brick black and pure black.

Vapor Storm Genuino Puma Baby 80 W Box Mod

The Genuino Puma Baby, 80 W box mod from Vapor Storm, is perfect for the vapers looking for maximum comfort: the plastic material is exceptionally light and pleasant to the touch. In addition, its compact size makes it ideal for those with small hands.

This electronic cigarette box works with a single 18650 battery (not included in the kit) and can deliver up to 80 W with a continuous vaporization time of 10 seconds. Thanks to a magnetic flap at the back, changing the battery is very easy. In addition, the screen is strikingly bright, making it easy to read the settings.

In terms of style, this box mod will satisfy even the most fashionable vapers: The device is available not only in the classic black version but also in four graffiti versions (football, freedom, vape on black and vape on white), each one more beautiful than the last.

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Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C Box Mod 200 W

If you are looking for an intense vape, then the Thelema DNA250C 200 W box mod from Lost Vape is for you. This device, which requires two 18650 batteries to operate, can deliver up to 200 W. Thelema DNA250C 200 W is a great box mod that can be used in a variety of environments.

The Thelema DNA250C 200 W by Lost Vape is compatible with atomizers, rebuildable or not, with a maximum diameter of 28 mm. Batteries and atomizers are not included in the package. There are three power modes (VW, TC and bypass), which allow you to customize your vape with extreme precision.

This box mod, made of high-quality zinc alloy, is very sturdy but slightly heavier than other devices. The design is also very classy, and nine colours are available, all of which are very stylish.

One drawback of the Thelema DNA250C 200 W from Lost Vape is perhaps the price, which is definitely above average.

Bottom line

We have explained what a box mod is and how to choose the ideal one for your needs.

If you are interested in buying this critical electronic cigarette component, take a look at the Terpy store. You will find a wide range of box mods to suit all tastes. You are sure to find the one that suits you best!

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