Electronic cigarette nozzle: what it is called, choice and costs

The main information about electronic cigarette nozzle

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Do you want to know more about e-cigarette nozzles? Here are the critical advice on choosing one and how much it cost.

Knowing more about the characteristics and functions of the tip of an electronic cigarette can be critical for personalising the vaping experience fully.

The nozzle is the same component from which the vapour of vaping liquids is drawn. Although you might not think so, if replaced according to precise criteria, it can significantly improve the perception of heat and the quantity of vapour inhaled.

But how much does an electronic cigarette nozzle cost?

And what is it called in the world of vaping?

Here’s all the information you need on one of the smallest but most essential accessories for electronic cigarettes!

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What is an e-cigarette nozzle called, and what is it?

The tip, also called a ‘mouthpiece’, and in vaping jargon, especially a ‘drip tip’, is the component of the e-cigarette in which your lips rest when inhaling the vapour. It is precisely that part that allows you to inhale the vapour generated by the e-cigarette.

This component can be made in various shapes, materials, and sizes. Depending on all these characteristics, it has a vast and different influence on the vaping experience, which is why it can be replaced according to each vaper’s needs.

For example, electronic cigarette drip tips simulate the sensation of smoking an analogue cigarette (which is ideal if you want to get rid of your tobacco addiction). Those which allow you to cool down the temperature of the vapour or keep it hotter, and then there are those which will enable you to channel a lot or a little vapour.

So as you can see, the drip tip is a significant e-cigarette component!

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Choosing an e-cigarette drip tip: here’s what to consider

Most (but not all) e-cigarettes on the market allow you to replace the tip as you wish so that you can customise your vaping moments.

When it comes to buying a new drip tip, however, several aspects should be considered:

  • the material;
  • the shape;
  • the size.


Let’s start by talking about the material.

There are all kinds of drip tips on the market: aluminium, Pyrex, steel, carbon, celluloid, porcelain, Delrin and many other materials.

These affect the feeling of comfort you get between your lips while vaping and the temperature of the vapour.

For example, metal nozzles tend to get cold in winter, so vaporised e-cigarette liquids passing through them will also tend to lose heat.

At the same time, after vaping for a while, the metal tip may heat up (even by a lot) after prolonged contact with the vapour.

Resin drip tips (such as delrin or ceramic), on the other hand, are not subject to particular temperature fluctuations but allow the vapour to be conveyed to the mouth at a constant temperature without burning or becoming too cold.

Before opting for one material or another, therefore, it is best to consider its temperature conduction properties.

And how do shape and size affect this?

The fact that a drip tip is wider, narrower, round or flat also influences the feeling you get between your lips, but not only that: the more comprehensive the drip tip, the more vaporised liquid you can suck in; the narrower it is, the more ‘held’ the shot is (typical of a cheek shot).

In addition to what has just been said, it is also essential to consider the length of the nozzle. The shorter ones allow you to maintain the vapour temperature, while the longer ones are more appreciated by those who like to inhale the vapour that is not too hot.

And then, of course, you have to look good too, so it’s best to choose a drip tip that is both functional and good-looking!

Metal electronic cigarette nozzles

The average price of an electronic cigarette tip

At this point, you are probably wondering how much you could spend on a drip tip.

Considering that there are so many types of products, it is difficult to give a precise answer; what is certain, however, is that among the e-cigarette components, the drip tip is one of the cheapest.

If you look at the proposals on the leading stores specialising in spare parts for vaping, you will realise that you can spend from less than one euro to about ten euros depending on the shape and material of the tip.

The cheapest is the multiple packs, but the prices go up if you buy particular products.

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To conclude

We have discussed in the previous paragraphs the preliminary information you should know about the electronic cigarette nozzle to improve your vaping experience.

Knowing that it affects so many aspects of your vape will help you customise it to your liking.

That said, we would like to invite you to look at our Terpy store, where you can buy electronic cigarette liquids with and without nicotine, vape flavours, e-liquid bases, e-cigarettes and many spare parts.

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