Electronic cigarette filter: how long it lasts and which one to choose

How long does it last and which electronic cigarette filter to choose?

Published on: 11/04/2022

How often should you change the filter on your electronic cigarette, and how to choose the ideal one for your needs?

When we talk about the electronic cigarette filter, we are referring to an essential component for the functioning of the device. It is, in fact, an indispensable element which, however, gradually wears out due to the continuous use of the e-cig by the smoker who, as a result, will inevitably have to replace it.

This type of operation is not complicated, but it is important not to underestimate it since a large part of the quality of the performance offered by the electronic cigarette in your hands depends on the quality and integrity of the filter.

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What is the e-cigarette filter, and why is it important?

The filter consists of several components and is usually made of hypoallergenic plastic.

Each type of electronic cigarette has a different filter, especially in its shape, which must be adapted in size to the device in which it will be inserted. There are round or flatter filters, some of which have the classic shape of an antique mouthpiece; there is no rule. The important thing is that each filter performs its role in the best possible way is always clean and fully functional.

The filter of the electronic cigarette has two openings at both ends. It is positioned so that it directly connects with the atomiser on one side and with the smoker’s mouth on the other. In this way, when the mechanism that activates the electronic cigarette is activated, it will be possible for the liquid contained in it to pass through the filter, transforming itself into vapour, to be sucked up by the person using it and thus allow smoking.

Specifically, each filter has two separate chambers: one containing the liquid (tank) and the other allowing the vapour to rise and be inhaled. The liquid is then pushed towards the atomiser by an internal mechanism and then returns in the form of vapour.

As mentioned above, the filter is one of the electronic cigarette components that needs the most maintenance, given its role and position in direct contact with the smoker. It is, therefore, necessary to equip oneself to be able to refill or replace the filter whenever necessary so that the mechanism of vaping consistently works perfectly and there are no hiccups or malfunctions.

Nowadays, there are many different types of filters on the market. Still, rather than trying to save money, it is advisable to always opt for products that guarantee high performance and are quality certified.

It is also possible to purchase an accessory, known as a drip tip, which, in effect, eliminates the filter. This small element connects to the atomiser inside the electronic cigarette and replaces the filter. Again, there are different shapes and sizes on the market, as well as a wide range of colours to choose from according to your taste.

Importance of choosing and maintaining an electronic cigarette filter

How to clean the filter of an electronic cigarette

Each electronic cigarette is made up of separate elements, which can be dismantled and reassembled to be cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning is essential to ensure that the device always performs appropriately and lasts as long as possible.

When you decide to switch to electronic smoking, you should be aware that this product needs constant, daily care to function correctly and, therefore, to provide the right amount of satisfaction when vaping. Unfortunately, carelessness is the main enemy of the electronic cigarette and can lead to significant alterations both in the taste of the liquid contained and in its operation.

The first thing to do is undoubtedly take care of the filter, as this part is perhaps the most exposed. The filter is unprotected, and, compared to all the other elements of the cigarette, it is the one most subject to dirt, accumulating dust and potentially dangerous germs, which can also block the flow of vapour coming from inside.

To carry out this type of maintenance, it will be sufficient to remove the e-cigarette filter from its housing, detach it from the atomiser to which it is connected, blow into it with force, and then wash it with warm water and soap. Once the cleaning operation is finished, it is important to rinse it entirely to remove all traces of the detergent used, perhaps using a small piece of paper, and let it dry.

In the same way, don’t also forget to clean the filter’s holes. Again, maybe using some absorbent paper or some scottex, in order not to leave residues, to remove the remaining water that could form a sort of condensation and become, therefore, fertile ground for the formation of bacteria that would go, then, to deposit on the atomiser.

Since the filter contains the liquid necessary for smoking, it is essential that the level is constantly checked and that it never falls below the resistance holes; when this happens, you risk causing a sort of drying of the cotton, thus leading the mechanism to activate unnecessarily, in the absence of vaping liquid. This could, of course, cause problems, overheating the mechanism of the electronic cigarette and damaging it.

Therefore, each element must be cleaned constantly so that it does not deteriorate and pose a health risk.

Electronic cigarette filter: How long does it last?

Each electronic cigarette filter has a variable lifespan, which depends on a whole range of factors, including its quality, the care and maintenance with which it is treated and, of course, the habits of the vape user. Consequently, the wear and tear of this element are closely linked to how and how much it is used.

The filter is not disposable, although some electronic cigarette models on the market also have filters of this type and, therefore, do not require any maintenance, having to be changed once you have finished smoking.

Therefore, the filter can be used several times in a row, paying particular attention to replacing the cartridge when the liquid has run out and refilling it with DIY mixtures or with ready-to-use liquids.

It can be said that a filter has an average duration of about 150 to 200 puffs, allowing, in fact, much more outstanding performance than the classic cigarette, both in terms of quality and in terms of time. A single filter will therefore allow the smoker to smoke a total of at least fifteen cigarettes, cutting down on costs and allowing the smoker to enjoy the pleasure of smoking without any other worries.

To find out when the filter needs to be replaced, check the amount of vapour emitted by the e-cigarette; whenever the e-cig no longer produces any vapour, that is the right time to change the filter for a new one.

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How to choose the best e-cigarette filter for your needs

The choice of filter does not follow any set criteria but depends on the electronic cigarette model on which it is to be mounted. The filter can have a specific shape, which means that it is only suitable for a single type of e-cig, or it can be almost universal to fit on most models.

The shape can be divided into round or flat/long. It also affects how you smoke, so it is advisable to think about this when you buy your cigarette and tell the retailer what you prefer. The amount of vapour that can be inhaled in a single puff also depends on the filter and, in the specific case of the electronic cigarette, the amount of liquid it can contain since each filter has a dedicated tank.

Therefore, the choice of the best filter goes hand in hand with the choice of the e-cigarette model, and this aspect is strictly personal, depending enormously on your habits and your specific needs.