How to choose an excellent electronic cigarette (if you have just started vaping)

Guide to choosing a good electronic cigarette

Modified on: 03/10/2023

A short guide to choosing your first electronic cigarette

Generally, those who approach the world of vaping do so to stop smoking or, at the very least, to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke daily. In most cases, therefore, they are would-be ex-smokers unfamiliar with these devices and unaware of their technical characteristics.

Since its inception, the e-cig has constantly been evolving, and new models are brought onto the market every year, which makes it difficult for a vaping neophyte to choose the suitable device and e-cigarette liquids.

In the following lines, you will find out how to choose an excellent electronic cigarette and which type of device you should focus on if you have never vaped before.

Pulmonary shooting

What kind of vaping experience are you looking for? The difference between a cheek and a lung shot

Before deciding which e-cig to buy, you should worry about how you want to vape. In contrast to analogue cigarettes, the e-cigarette can be used in two distinct ways: the cheek shot and the lung shot. The former differs little from the traditional cigarette: it is a relatively closed draw and involves inhaling moderate vapour. But on the other hand, the second consists of inhaling a larger amount of dense vapour, directly invading the lungs without staying in the mouth.

Why is it important to understand the type of puff? According to it, the characteristics of the electronic cigarette and vaping liquids (in particular, the percentage of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and liquid nicotine) also change. Therefore, for those who want to stop smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes, it is advisable to opt for the cheek shot, at least in the early days. The reason is simple: as it is similar to the analogue cigarette, the cheek shot allows you to avoid the shock of switching from smoking to vaping and start this new experience gradually.

Having established the difference between the vaping methods, let’s see what features you should consider in an e-cig.

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Battery and atomiser: factors you should take into account

The battery, atomiser and resistance are the essential elements of the e-cigarette. To have a vaping experience in line with your wishes, each must have suitable characteristics.

The battery supplies the electrical resistance in the atomiser with the energy needed to produce the heat to evaporate liquids. Depending on the model, both the duration and the wattage change. These factors must be considered in relation to the type of vaping experience and the number of daily puffs. Keeping with the suggestion given above, a novice vaper would be well advised to opt for a wattage appropriate for a cheek shot; autonomy, on the other hand, depends on how much you used to smoke (the more you use the e-cig every day, the more energy it consumes).

How to choose your first electronic cigarette

The atomiser of the electronic cigarette is the component in which the vaporisation of tobacco, fruity or creamy liquids chosen by the vaper takes place. It houses an electrical resistance (coil) in contact with liquid-impregnated cotton. The choice of this element again depends on the type of shot (cheek atomisers are different from pulmonary ones) but also on the vaper’s level of experience: indeed, atomisers on the market can be either regenerable or non-regenerable.

The difference lies in that the former is designed for resistance replacement, the assembly of which is carried out by hand, while the latter – to put it – is ‘disposable’ in that once the coil’s efficiency has run out, it cannot be reused.

Those who are at the beginning of their vaping experience would do better to go for the latter; once they have become familiar with vaping, on the other hand, they will be able to customise their e-cig according to their needs.

Why choose an e-cigarette to quit smoking

It is no secret that an electronic cigarette is a valuable tool for achieving the problematic goal of quitting smoking. But why is vaping chosen by so many people to try to say goodbye to smoking?

Smokers know very well how counterproductive it is to quit smoking all of a sudden: the addiction to the taste of tobacco, the dependence on nicotine, and the habit of a long-established gesture means that such a radical decision stimulates the desire to smoke even more and, in most cases, those who make this attempt end up picking up the cigarette again (as before, more than before).

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Replacing the analogue cigarette with the e-cig allows you to not drastically abandon your habit and gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you take in (in the liquids, you can dose this substance to your liking), all while sparing your body the damage of smoking. The e-cig works by vaping and not by combustion. This means that by vaping, you spare your body the damage that makes smoking one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Current estimates say vaping is safer and exposes you to 90% less harmful than smoking. But, of course, the vaping experience is influenced by the chosen device’s characteristics and the quality of the liquids.

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