Can we vape on the beach? Here’s what the legislation says on the subject.

Can you vape at the beach?

Published on: 28/10/2022

What you need to know about vaping on the beach in 2022

If like many vapers, you cannot give up your electronic cigarette even when sunbathing at the beach, you are probably wondering whether Italian law gives the green light to this practice or imposes restrictions or bans. Who knows, maybe in the past you have heard your umbrella neighbour complain about the clouds of vapour coming from your e-cig and, to avoid problems, you want to be certain you are not breaking any rules.

In the following lines, you will find out what Italian law says about the possibility of enjoying your vaping liquids on the beach.

Vaping at the beach

Ban on smoking and vaping on the beach: what the law says

When summer arrives, the beach becomes an irresistible lure for all lovers of sun, sea, and sunbathing. Among these, of course, might be you, inveterate (or inveterate) vaper. And, rightly so, since you know that in Italy the rules are not always obvious, you might have some doubts about whether you can vape freely under the beach umbrella without running the risk of complaints and penalties.

From a legislative perspective, there is no real legislation regulating smoking and vaping on the beach. In general, it is possible to smoke traditional cigarettes in open spaces and, consequently, also vape e-cigs. In some places, however, local authorities may establish astringent rules to this effect (think, for example, of nature parks or children’s playgrounds).

And you know what? In, Recently, his trend is also spreading to beaches. In the next paragraph, you will find out why.

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Smoking on the beach: more and more municipalities say NO

The absence of a national law clearly stating what smoking on beaches means that many municipalities have been able to place localized bans in certain beach areas. The most commonly used method is the ordinance. But why does the number of beaches where smoking is prohibited increase every summer?

There are two main reasons: to protect the environment and to safeguard people’s health. The incivility of many smokers has worn out the municipal administrators of several seaside resorts who, every year, see their beaches invaded by cigarette butts. Not to mention the annoyance and potential damage to the health of people forced to breathe in second-hand smoke. To remedy the rudeness of some smokers; therefore, a municipality can arrogate to itself the right to ban smoking on the beach and punish offenders with heavy fines.

At this point, a question arises: do restrictions on smoking also apply to vape? Mmm, let’s see…

Is smoking forbidden on the beach?

Where it is forbidden to smoke on the beach… is it also forbidden to vape?

If the reasons that lead municipal administrators to issue anti-smoking ordinances on the beach are of an ecological and health-conscious nature, then logically vaping should not be affected by such bans. The e-cig does not produce butts and does not pollute the beach; moreover, it does not produce toxic smoke for other people, only vapour.

However, if you are heading to a seaside resort and do not want to deprive yourself of your e-cig and your favourite fruity liquids even while sunbathing on a sunbed, I recommend that you seek information on the rules laid down by the municipality to which the beach belongs; this way you can make sure that any smoking ban is not extended to vapers and avoid problems in the event of checks.

Do the regulations in force allow you to vape? Perfect! Then you do not have to fear fines and embarrassment. However, as a matter of respect and common sense, you would do well to make sure that vaping does not annoy the people around you. Even though it is very different from smoke generated by combustion, the vapour could bother the elderly, children, or a person allergic to a certain substance.

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In conclusion

In this article, I have clarified the situation regarding regulations on smoking and vaping at the beach. If you want to accompany your days at the beach with special flavours, remember that at Terpy you can find a wide range of special and creamy liquids with and without nicotine.

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