The must-have tools for mixing electronic cigarette liquids

The must-have tools for mixing electronic cigarette liquids

Published on: 30/08/2023



Besides ready-made liquids, flavors and vape bases are on the market for making your own favorite e-cigarette liquid.

Mixing your own liquid allows you to customize recipes according to your taste of the moment and also to save money compared to buying ready-made products, but you need to know the composition well and have all the necessary tools for preparation.

What does an electronic cigarette liquid consist of?

There are certain ingredients that cannot be missing in a liquid for MTL and DTL vaping.


Propylene glycol;

Vegetable glycerol;


Water (not indispensable);

Liquid nicotine (not indispensable).

Percentages may vary according to taste. Alternatively, you can choose ready-made neutral bases, to which you can add your favorite e-cig flavours concentrates.

If you want to prepare the liquid yourself, these are indispensable elements for a balanced and satisfying product. But there are some must-have tools that are essential for mixing electronic cigarette liquid: here are what they are.

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What does an electronic cigarette liquid consist of?

Graduated syringes and pipettes

The graduated syringe is a must-have if you want to mix your diy e-cig liquid to perfection: it is used to create neutral bases and other components with extreme precision. Each individual ingredient can be dosed to the millimeter, making it an indispensable tool. Alternatively, you can also find caps with dropper syringe.

The same applies to pipettes with a reservoir, which allow you to work on the liquid doses with care: as we have mentioned, each ingredient must be present in a certain percentage, within a range that allows flexibility in mixing.

Bottles, flasks, beakers and funnels

The bottles serve to contain the prepared liquid. We recommend that you choose graduated bottles, so that you always have the amount of liquid and its composition at hand. You can find bottles of up to 1 liter on the market. Depending on how you use the e-cig and how many different liquids you want to prepare, you can choose smaller bottles (half a liter, 250 ml, etc.).

Bottles, with a needle and sealing cap, are also very useful for filling the cigarette tank with the mixed e-cig liquid without waste.

The PP beakers, graduated and with a spout, are also useful for mixing, given their excellent resistance to temperature.

Finally, the funnel is another tool that should not be missing if you want to prepare an excellent liquid without wasting anything: it is very useful for decanting liquids and bases without losing a single drop.


Agitators are used to mix liquids and thus evenly distribute the components, a bit like a bartender does with cocktails.

On the market we find spatula stirrers and magnetic stirrers. Spatula stirrers are usually made of PP (polypropylene), can be sterilized and are rather robust. Magnetic stirrers, on the other hand, use magnetic fields to mix liquids: these types of devices also control the temperature, stopping mixing if it rises above a certain threshold.

We find agitators that can mix larger or smaller quantities of liquid.

Other tools: latex gloves and paper towels

It sounds trivial, but latex gloves and paper towels should also not be missing when mixing the e-liquid for your electronic cigarette.

.Gloves allow you to avoid contact with substances such as nicotine shots, which can cause problems that should not be underestimated. That is why gloves should also be considered a must-have when mixing liquids.

Absorbent paper towels are equally useful for quickly cleaning up accessories and the work surface.

Other tools: latex gloves

Why you should mix your own e-cigarette liquids

If we find ready-made liquids on the market, with a more or less long shelf life, why create your own blend?

There are three main reasons why experienced vapers choose to mix their own flavorings and bases:

Savings: the cost is lower than with ready-made liquids;

Customized dosages: especially that of liquid nicotine shots;

Customized flavors: by mixing the liquid yourself, you can also customize the taste by mixing several flavors.

It should be added that a little experience is required to arrive at a perfect blend: unsuccessful attempts are a must in order to arrive at the ideal electronic cigarette e-liquid.

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In conclusion

If you want to mix a customized electronic cigarette liquid, you need some indispensable tools: bottles, syringes, stirrers, funnels as well as gloves and paper towels. Don’t worry if a few attempts will be unsatisfactory: it takes a little experience to find the right mix.

Remember that the composition of the liquid must have a certain balance; if you do not feel confident, you can always opt for one of the many ready-made liquids on the market, like tobacco e-liquid, fruity or creamy flavors.