Atomizer coil: prefabricated or regenerable?

Is the atomizer coil better pre-made or rebuildable?

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Pros and cons of prefabricated and regenerable coils for the electronic cigarette atomizer

In addition to the choice of e cigarette liquids, one of the first doubts that a neophyte of vaping has is that relating to the atomizer coil. Is it better to use an atomizer with prefabricated coils or a regenerable atomizer, with do-it-yourself coils (also called regenerables)?

If you have asked yourself this question and want to finally find the answer, you are reading the right article. Today we will tell you what are the pros and cons of these atomizers and when to choose them.

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What are prefabricated and do-it-yourself coils?

The electronic cigarette resistance, also called head and coil, is a resistive metal wire that is in contact with the cotton impregnated with flavored e cig liquid. When the wire heats up, it evaporates the vaping liquids. So, it is a fundamental component of the e-cigarette.

As you probably know, the atomizer coils can be prefabricated or do it yourself. The fundamental difference between the two is that the prefabricated coils are pre-made, therefore already assembled together with the cotton (Head Coil). While the DIY coils… Well, you have to make these yourself at home with resistive wire, cotton suitable for vaping, and a screwdriver suitable for regenerating the heads.

In addition, the prefabricated coils are mounted on non-regenerable atomizers, while the do-it-yourself coils are mounted on regenerable atomizers. Some atomizers have both options, so you can choose according to your preferences and the moment.

But which atomizers to choose between regenerable and non-regenerable? What are the pros and cons of the different coils?

Pre-made and do-it-yourself coils, what are they?

Advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated coils

The prefabricated coils have a very interesting advantage: they are comfortable as they are very quick to assemble. Those who use them always have Head Coils at their disposal that they can take from the package and mount quickly on the e-cigarette atomizer (after having naturally removed and properly disposed of the exhausted coil).

But these coils, and consequently the non-regenerable atomizers, have very important disadvantages:

  • they are expensive, about 2 euros each;
  • you cannot decide on the materials of the resistive wire;

you have to adapt to the resistance values ​​indicated by the manufacturers, therefore also the voltage of the electronic cigarette will have to adapt to the values ​​in Ohm and Watt indicated on the prefabricated resistance. Let’s say that customization is affected and so the vape experience. If, during the setting of the electronic cigarette, you exceed the indicated values, the resistance burns out. If you go below the value, the electronic cigarette leaks e liquid.

In summary: the prefabricated coils have big limits, and if you choose a non-regenerable atomizer you will be settling for it!

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The advantages and disadvantages of regenerable coils (or do it yourself coils)

The coils that are mounted on regenerable atomizers, therefore the do-it-yourself resistors, have numerous advantages. Here you have it:

  • the economic price: a coil of resistive wire costs about 5 euros for 4 meters of wire, of which you will use a few centimeters to make a resistance. Even the cotton for resistances costs very little: the more “expensive” ones cost about 5 euros per pack, which could last a lot of months. Consequently, you spend a few cents each for the do-it-yourself resistors (compared to 2 euros per piece of prefabricated heads).
  • You can make the resistors based on the power you want to give to your electronic cigarette. All you need is an app that, based on the turns of the resistive wire, its diameter and other variables, tells you the voltage at which to set the e-cigarette.
  • Wide choice of materials of the resistive wire and of the cotton, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Therefore, the do-it-yourself resistance gives you many customization possibilities and allows you to significantly save on prefabricated heads.

The resistances of regenerable atomizers also have disadvantages:

  • slowness in replacement. If you are in a hurry or are away from home, you will certainly have no time or no desire to make a DIY resistance (even if the procedure, once learned, takes a few minutes).
  • Making resistances can be difficult for those with little manual skills. Before assembling the do-it-yourself coils, it is essential to practice, with a consequent waste of material. But, once you have learned the procedure, the savings are guaranteed!
  • The possible errors of realization, which lead to burn the resistors immediately after having mounted them.

But if you want to learn the best and avoid making mistakes, there are lots of videos that explain how to make DIY resistances.

Rebuildable coils have advantages and disadvantages

Regenerable or non-regenerable atomizers?

The choice is up to you, based on which of the two types best meets your needs. We recommend that you initially use non-regenerable atomizers with prefabricated coils and in the meantime practice with the DIY resistors.

Once you have learned it, you can sell the old atomizer or keep it for emergencies and for situations where you are in a hurry, such as traveling.