Is your e-cigarette leaking liquid? These are the 5 most common causes

Is your e-cigarette leaking liquid? Let's see the most frequent causes

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Here are the reasons why vaping liquids leak out of your e-cig

If your e-cigarette leaks out liquids, don’t worry, this happens to millions of vapers! Vaping liquids can escape from the e-cig atomizer for various reasons, some attributable to the system itself, others to the inexperience of the vaper.

In the next paragraphs we will explain to you what are the reasons why e cigarette liquid can leak out of the tank of the device and what precautions you must take to prevent this from happening. We will also tell you which are the most problematic models of regenerable atomizers, in order to better do your purchases.

But let’s just cut to the chase and see what are the 5 reasons why the electronic cigarette leaks out liquid!

1) The liquid is not suitable for your e-cig

Many vapers do not think too much about the e-liquid base they use to vape and it often happens that vape liquids are actually too fluid for some vaporizing systems. Some coils, and in particular the pods, are designed to work with medium density liquids (50/50 to be clear) and work better with the use of this kind of e-liquid.

If, for example, you put in your pod 70 PG/30 VG electronic cigarettes liquids, it is very probable that when you take it out of your trouser pocket it has lost some liquid. Moreover, to be sure that the “fault” is the type of e-liquid, make sure you keep your e-cig upright.

However, if the liquid has the right density, the device should not have any leaks even if held upside down, but as the tolerances are very delicate, it could happen in minimal part. In any case, check which types of liquids are most suitable for your personal vaporizer and you will never have problems with leaks because of this.

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2) Poorly mounted coils can cause liquid to leak out of your e-cig

It could happen that your electronic cigarette leaks liquid for no apparent reason and often you find yourself thinking about who knows what problem. But sometimes the solution is the simplest of all and it is right there in front of you.

If your computer won’t turn on, you could probably panic and believe it has a serious power or glitch. But have you tried to check if the plug is inserted? By now, you should have understood what we mean.

If your atomizer or your pod is leaking liquid, the first thing you need to check is that the coil is well housed inside its seat. It is not necessary to tighten it to the extreme in its housing, but it is to check that it is screwed all the way down.

3) A coil used in excess of its limit does not hold the vaping liquids well

You must know that the resistances inside the atomizer coils have a limited duration, not over time, but on the milliliters of e-cigarette liquids they vaporize. Your retailer has probably explained to you that the life of a coil varies based on several factors:

  • Density of e-liquids used
  • Amount of liquid vaped
  • Vaporization voltage

The more fluid the liquid (within the limits of the system you use, see point 1 of the article), the longer the resistance lasts, obviously if the voltage of your e-cig is adequate for the value of the coil. Without going into too much detail and Ohm’s laws, the range of output watts at which the resistance works well is expressed in each coil and if you want it to do its best you must respect those values.

When the resistance of the coil has reached the end of the time life, you will notice it from a difference in flavour taste during the vape and from the poor vaporization efficiency. If you do not change it in time and continue to use it, the cotton could collapse in absorbency and release liquid even externally.

A coil used beyond its limit may not hold liquids when vaping

4) The o-rings of your tank are worn and the e-cig loses liquid

Another reason why your electronic cigarette leaks liquid can be found in the tolerances of the various components of the atomizer. If you notice each piece that makes up the atomizer well, it attaches to another thanks fitted threads equipped with silicone o-rings that serve to keep the system watertight.

If all the o-rings are not in good shape or are worn out due to prolonged use, the atom will not be able to keep the liquid in its tank. In fact, it can happen that the vaping liquids come out from one of the connection areas between the parts or even from the air holes, usually placed at the base under the deck.

When the latter situation arises, the liquid will not only slowly drip out but will come out of the tank until the last drop. In order to avoid such annoying adversities, always check the state of wear of the o-rings of your e-cig and make sure to properly combine the various components of the atom when you reassemble it after washing it.

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5) Regenerable atoms: if they lose liquid you have badly cottoned the resistance

The problem of the electronic cigarette leaking liquid is even more widespread in the regenerable atomizer sector, in which vapers can create the DIY resistances and insert the necessary cotton. If the amount of cotton is not perfect for the diameter of the resistance and at the same time to adequately fill the access slots of the vaping liquids, the e-liquid will leak out of the air holes.

This misfortune is on the order of the day especially for some atoms and even more in the world of clones, where an economic manufacturing sometimes does not guarantee great quality of tolerances. Therefore, to avoid liquid leaking, it is necessary to understand the right amount of cotton that the atom needs and so choose the diameter of the tip on which the coil is rolled.

Among the highly performing regenerable atomizers at an aromatic level, but which require greater care in cotoning we can include the Penodat, the Wotofo and the Berserker.

Regenerable atom: if the resistance is badly cottoned, it loses liquid

Final thoughts on e-cigarette liquid leaking from your vaporizer

As you have read in the previous paragraphs, the causes of an e-liquid leaking from the atomizer can be many and sometimes they can add to each other. Our advice is to pay attention to the details we have talked about in this article, in order to identify any shortcomings you have in your e-cig management and remedy them immediately.

For a superlative vaping experience, 3 main elements are required:

  • A good vaporizing system
  • An extreme attention in assembling it
  • Vaping liquids quality

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