3 reasons not to choose CBD e-liquid

3 reasons not to choose CBD e-liquid

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Cbd electronic cigarette liquid? That’s why you should not use it

The world of vaping is truly immense, and one of the greatest advantages of e-cig is the possibility of choosing e cigarette liquid with ever-new tastes. The latest trend of the moment is CBD liquid, considered by many to be a highly beneficial product precisely because of the effects of cannabidiol, one of the major active ingredients of cannabis.

What are the effects of CBD? In reality there are many, but among the most famous we find the relaxing effect, the anticonvulsant effect, the antioxidant effect and the painkiller effect.

But, can these effects really be felt with the inhalation of a CBD e-liquid? And are CBD vaping liquids legal in the UK? Not really. Today we want to give you 3 important reasons why you should avoid CBD decomposed liquids and CBD ready-made liquids, as they may not be healthy or permitted by law.

Find out why you should only use certified and CBD-free vaping products, by reading the next paragraphs!

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1) CBD e-liquid for e-cig? Let’s see what the Italian National Institute of Health says

The document “Electronic cigarette: guideline for operators, control bodies and consumers, published by the “Istituto Superiore della Sanità” (Italian National Institute of Health”), gives precise information about electronic cigarettes and all products for vaping.

First of all, we report an excerpt from page 6:

A probable improper use of electronic cigarettes is the use of substances banned in Italy such as marijuana and hashish.

And we know well that CBD is an extract of marijuana: it is not present in other plants except in the cannabis plant and its parts, such as flowers and leaves. It’s not all. Let’s read the paragraph Prohibited substances and substances that should not be present, on page 67 of the document:

“Pursuant to Legislative Decree 6/2016, the liquid containing nicotine must not contain the following additives listed in art. 8:

  • Vitamins or other additives that create the impression that a tobacco outcome produces health benefits or involves fewer health risks
  • caffeine or taurine or other additives and stimulating compounds that have a connotation of energy and vitality
  • additives with coloring properties of emissions
  • additives that have carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic properties for reproduction in unburned form.

In addition, the refill liquids must not be added with medicines, prohibited substances (AEMSA guideline – AEMSA, 2016), ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol (AFNOR, 2015). “

Substances prohibited by AEMSA 2016 standards include products such as vitamins, artificial colors, medicines but also compounds banned by local, state or federal agencies. Among the compounds prohibited in Italy according to the Consolidated Law on Narcotic Substances (DPR 390/90) we find cannabis and the products it contains, and this decree does not exclude cannabidiol.

We also want to quote you another extract presented on page 89 of the document Electronic cigarette: guidelines for operators, control bodies and consumers:

Refill liquids must not contain additives such as: vitamins or other additives that create the impression that the product produces health benefits or involves fewer health risks; caffeine or taurine or other additives and stimulating compounds that have a connotation of energy and vitality; additives with coloring properties of emissions; additives that have carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic properties for reproduction in unburned form.

Companies that sell CBD products, including e liquid, often talk a lot about the benefits of this active ingredient of cannabis, even though they shouldn’t. Furthermore, from the aforementioned portions of text, it seems that the law prohibits the presence of marijuana derivatives in vaping products.

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2) CBD liquids are very expensive and may not have beneficial effects on your body.

Are you tempted to buy CBD liquids because of the beneficial effects for the body? In reality, the cannabidiol present in e liquid is very diluted… Furthermore, the bottles contain such low percentages of CBD that you may not experience any effects from its intake.

Considering that a CBD-based e-liquid has a decidedly high price compared to classic tobacco, creamy, fruity e liquid or premium e liquid, perhaps it is not worth spending so much for a product that does not give the desired benefits.

If you want to relax or eliminate pain and muscle spasms, it’s better to choose the CBD oil with high percentages of cannabidiol, avoiding vaping liquids with this active ingredient. It should also be added that the CBD should not be heated before intake, while the electronic cigarette vaporizes liquids precisely by heating.


3) Beware of heating the CBD contained in vaping liquids!

In our in-depth analysis, we want to give you sure and documented information, therefore also in this paragraph we quote a source relevant to the topic, namely the Notice for manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers published by the Customs and Monopoly Agency (of Italy).

Here is a sentence, present on page. 6 of this document, which should further convince you that CBD is not an accepted substance in e cig liquid:

The liquid containing nicotine of the electronic cigarettes or in refill containers complies with the following requirements: […] with the exception of nicotine, it must contain only ingredients that do not present, even if heated, any danger to human health.

Studies accredited and published in the World Health Organization’s Pre-Review Cannabidiol (CBD) report show that heating CBD in acidic environments leads to its conversion to THC (read more: https://www.who.int/ medicines / access / controlled-substances / 5.2_CBD.pdf). Therefore cannabidiol, from a beneficial substance could become a toxic substance for our body.

Therefore, it does not seem strange to us what was described on Vice in 2018:

“Earlier this year, the United States Army issued a public health warning, after that 2 medical centers in North Carolina visited about 60 patients within months for health problems likely related to use of CBD vaporization liquids. Symptoms included everything from headaches, nausea and vomiting to disorientation, agitation and convulsions.

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A few months later, North Carolina health officials issued a warning after the local emergency room visited about 30 people who were suffering from hallucinations, loss of consciousness and heart failure as side effects of vaping CBD products.

Both warnings suggested that officials were concerned that such issues could become even more frequent because of the increase of interest and of the possibility of vaporizing CBD, a legal practice in many states. “

Also according to what was published in Vice, Michelle Peace, toxicologist and vaporization expert at Virginia Commonwealth University, said that in her laboratory she studied some CBD-based vaping products and, in some of them, she found some worrying ingredients, that obviously they were not in any way described on the package. (Source: Vice, Everything We Know About the Health Risks of Vaping CBD, August 27, 2018)

In short, it seems that vaping CBD can be both illegal and harmful to our health. For this reason, we advise you to buy only the best products for vaping, certified and free of illicit substances, such as those you find on Terpy!