The 5 key features of the best pod mod

The 5 key features of the best pod mod

Modified on: 09/09/2021

Best pod mod? Here’s how to recognize it

If you use the e cigarette, it is possible that the vape devices you have tried are too bulky for your needs or that you need a “battle” device to use on the road, on the beach or in other situations. Is your desire simply to enjoy your e cigarette liquid in total relaxation and comfort even when you are away from home? Probably all this seems like a utopia to you, but you need to know that a pod mod could be right for you.

Specifically, today you will discover what this device is, and, most of all, what are the characteristics of the best pod mod model you could buy.

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The 5 key features of the best pod mod

Pod mods: how they are made and what distinguishes them from classic electronic cigarettes

The pod mod is a pocket electronic cigarette, very convenient for those looking for a small object with a discreet vaporization. But what is the difference between a pod mod and a classic electronic cigarette?

Everything is in the shape of the device and its dimensions: in the classic e-cig the atomizer is an element that can be housed on any box, consisting of drip tip, tank, coil, base and pin. Its maintenance consists in the periodic replacement of the resistance, subject to deterioration, and in its sanitation.

In pod mods, the tank and the coil are one, so these e-cigs are made up exclusively of two parts: the cartridge (tank with resistance) and the main body, which contains the battery. Whenever the resistance deteriorates, you must replace the entire cartridge.

There are pod mods of different price range and quality. Today we will tell you about the 5 characteristics that the best pod models have in common, so that you can have the right evaluation tools for a satisfying purchase.

1) The bes Pod Mod: It is rechargeable

Many pod models released on the market tend to constrain you to purchase pre-loaded cartridges with liquids produced by the same e-cig company. However, this constraint can be counterproductive, since many vapers like to be able to vary the vaping experience.

Therefore, the first element that characterizes the best pod mods is the possibility of using them with any liquid, from tobacco e liquid to fruity e liquid, from creamy liquids to premium liquids. Normally, the most acclaimed models of this device are precisely those in which the vaper can introduce his favorite e liquid without restrictions.

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2) The less it weighs, the less you feel it!

One of the positive aspects of the pods is their lightness, in total contrast to the classic e-cigs, usually not less than 100 g. This value derives mainly from the fact that the pods have batteries of lower power and a duration for the benefit of maximum comfort in the pocket.

With a pod you don’t need to carry an electronic cigarette case with you for fear of it leaking liquid, since for system compactness it is almost impossible for it to lose. Their light weight allows the pods to even be used as pendants without any difficulty, comfortable in certain situations.

To give you an example, one of the smallest and lightest on the market is the Minifit by Justfog, a brand known for smart and entry level devices, which weighs just 21 g. Like this one, many others weigh little more than a breadstick, which is why the “podder” (pod vaper) can use more devices without any logistical difficulties whatsoever.

The 5 key features of the best pod mod 2

3) Regenerable pod mod: for the irreducibles of DIY coils

The link that unites the world of classic e-cigs and that of pod mods is that of regenerable pods, i.e. in which you can create artesanal resistance with resistive thread and organic cotton. They are not yet very popular models, as it can tend to be seen as a contradiction to make a pod regenerable.

In fact, the concept of pod mod provides a very smart use of the device and, if you have had the opportunity to use regenerable atomizers, you will know what commitment they involve. However, the aromatic yield of an artisanal coil can be better than a pre-packaged one, as it can be customized.

For the most demanding vapers who want to reproduce their favorite resistance on pod mods to maximize the aroma of vaping liquids, regenerable pods are the top. Once soent time regenerating them, they will have all the advantages of lightness, compactness and comfort of the pod mods.

4) Automatic pod mod: vape without clicking buttons

Another typical feature of some pod mods is that they are automatic, or have the ability to work without the fire button. These devices are equipped with a sensor that detects inhalation and allows the activation of the resistance that starts the vaporization.

It is a much appreciated system but still being perfected: in fact, many models do not activate immediately and create an unsatisfactory shot. The purpose of making pods automatic is to be able (as soon as possible) to hold them between your lips and vape them without using your hand.

An interesting model is the Zumix by Univapo, a pod that gives the double chance: to be able to choose between automatic vaping or with the fire button. In this way the vaper has the possibility, depending on the situation, to be able to use the modality that is most congenial to him.

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5) The small battery with 350 mAh does not light the device

To vape our e cigarette flavours in maximum comfort, you can safely use a pod mod of any type but you should pay attention to the battery capacity of the one you want to buy. In fact, the small size of the batteries in the pods has the short duration as a negative consequence.

However, there are now models that also arrive to 900 mAh of battery, a respectable value that will not force you to take 3 with you to enjoy a day of vaping. Moreover, having USB cables and power banks with you, it would negate the advantage of using the pods for convenience, compactness and lightness!

Final remarks

As you have seen, there are many aspects you should take care to choose the best pod mod models on the market: to do this, you can also read the various reviews on Facebook groups.

You can also vape our e cigarette e liquid on the pods, in order to make your vaping experience as comfortable as possible. What are you waiting for? Click here now to buy the best vaping products on the market!