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  • Sweet
  • Vanilla
  • Fruit
  • Citrus
  • Bitter
  • Gas-Cheese


If you are looking for an over the top e-cig flavour, your search may end here, thanks to Fruit Chupito. We have recreated, trying and trying again different mixes, is the unmistakable flavor of "drunk fruit": peach, strawberry and melon soaked in vodka.

As in the "drunk fruit", firstly you only feel the soft and smooth taste of the fruit. Then, only afterwards, almost surprisingly, the strong flavor of vodka arrives, filling the palate. The result is an excellent balance of the two tastes that seem to contrast, but which actually enhance each other. It remembers those summer evenings with friends, partying on a beach.

It is particularly suitable at the end of meals, perhaps in the absence of a sweet, to still have that sweet fruit taste in the mouth or to be used in the same way as a good digestive, different from the usual ones. Very loved by all the people.

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34 reviews for FRUIT CHUPITO

  1. Heather

    A very tasty liquid that faithfully reproduces a refreshing shot

  2. Finn

    I thought it was better
    Good and true to the description but it didn’t surprise me

  3. David

    Perhaps the best fruity I’ve ever tasted, it didn’t drive me crazy at first, but once I got my throat it became an all-day drug.

  4. Snake

    Excellent product Top packaging and fast delivery

  5. Brody

    It’s very good for whom who like this kind of taste

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