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  • Vanilla
  • Sweet
  • Earth
  • Wood-Pine
  • Spice


With Cookies you can be sure: undoubtedly it is one of the classic tastes of Terpy's e-cigarette flavour landscape.

This product offers a warm and multifaceted experience to the vaper: the many references to ingredients such as butter, flour and sugar are only the first impression; after these first tastings, the decisive taste of the biscuit becomes established, in all its complexity. Its aroma is an explosion of tastes that are mitigated by the softness and body of the creamy.

Despite the traditional taste, it is always a fun flavour to smoke, which never tires. The feeling is that of being in front of a French boulangerie, where the delights of breakfast are prepared and from the street you can see the white cloud of the flour, coming out of the open window.

It is a flavour suitable for use during leisure time, because it has something special that makes it a one-of-a-kind product.

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29 reviews for COOKIES

  1. Mimi88

    fast delivery, perfect!

  2. ANNY

    Similar to Classic tobacco but I prefer this one because it is slightly stronger, the quality is really good

  3. Grahame

    very good

  4. Angel

    Never again without this flavour

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