What are e-cigarette puffs?

What are e-cigarette puffs?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Electronic cigarette puffs: everything you need to know about e-cig puffs

What are e-cigarette puffs?

It is a question of many new vapers and if you have decided to open this article it is surely also a curiosity of yours.

Beyond that, knowing the meaning of puffs can be extremely helpful in making the vaping experience not only more engaging, but also safer.

Wondering how?

In this article we will try to answer your question by clarifying what is meant by puffs and why they are so important.


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Let’s cut to the chase: what are e-cigarette puffs?

“Puff” is a term for the puffs of an e-cig and has become part of the language of vapers in order to be able to check more precisely the performance and peculiarities of a particular model of electronic cigarette.

Indeed, knowing the maximum number of puffs helps vapers to have a safer vaping experience.

Wait, what?

You must know that there are some e-cigarettes that are better suited for occasional vapers and others for more frequent use. To be precise, this difference is also due to the various components, i.e. the atomizer, battery and resistance.

Given the popularity of the term, ‘puff’ has become a real unit of measurement among vapers, who use it to assess the level of autonomy of each electronic cigarette.

Thus, the higher the number of puffs, the more durable the model will be.

But that is not all.

As we mentioned earlier, the durability of an electronic cigarette also depends to a large extent on its components, which is precisely why so many people prefer cotton devices over mesh resistors.

The latter are in fact considered more complicated to handle, proving less practical and uncomfortable for users.

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Max Puff in the electronic cigarette: what does it mean?

Some models of electronic cigarettes possess the Max Puff function, the presence of which carries a lot of weight in the choice of many vapers.

But what does this wording mean?

You have to know that in these devices you can set the maximum number of puffs in a day in advance.

That’s right, exactly.

As you can imagine, the advantages are many: firstly, you can have more control over your vaping experience, which is ideal especially for those suffering from an addiction.

But there’s more.

Main advantages and disadvantages of regenerable electronic cigarettes

The advantages of Max Puff in the electronic cigarette

The Max Puff function is useful for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps compulsive vapers to keep their consumption of flavored vapor under control: by setting the number of puffs per day, the electronic cigarette will switch off once the puffs have been used up.

As studies show, it is easier for people to stick to rules if they have something to remind them, and the Max Puff fulfils this purpose perfectly.

Contrary to what you might think, this option does not only help vapers, but also smokers.


Simple. There are many people who wish to quit smoking and, as has been amply demonstrated, the e-cig has proven to be particularly helpful in this regard.

For this reason, many smokers have decided to buy tobacco e-liquids, i.e. e-liquids that recall the experience of traditional smoking.

However, it is very complex to combat nicotine addiction, and there are two options for doing so.

The first is to gradually reduce the concentration of this substance until it is eliminated altogether. But this is easier said than done, because not everyone is able to resist the temptation.

The alternative is the Max Puff.

By setting the maximum number of puffs, the possibility of consuming an exaggerated level of nicotine is reduced, helping the user to manage his or her addiction.

Once the maximum level is reached, the electronic cigarette will switch off and cannot be used again until the end of the day.

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In this article, we have seen what e-cigarette puffs are and why they have become increasingly important.

Since puffs became a real unit of measurement, they help vapers to choose the most suitable device for their needs and vaping habits.

Next, we introduced the concept of the Max Puff, an option on some electronic cigarette models that allows you to set in advance the maximum number of puffs you can take in a day.

By doing so, it is possible to regulate oneself and combat a possible nicotine addiction (especially for those who use e-cigs to stop smoking).

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