What types of electronic cigarette batteries exist, and how to choose the right one for your device

Electronic cigarette batteries: what types exist

Published on: 12/09/2022

Here are the batteries used to power electronic cigarettes and what they are chosen for

Suppose you have been vaping regularly for some time and have already experimented with different e-cigarette liquids in various flavours. In that case, you probably already have some basic knowledge of one of the main components of an e-cig – the battery. However, if you are approaching this world and looking for information that might be useful when you buy your first vaping device, we at Terpy want to help you out.

In this article you will find out what the main types of batteries for electronic cigarettes are and what aspects you should pay attention to when choosing them.

Rechargeable e-cig batteries

The difference between electronic and mechanical batteries

The battery is one of the fundamental components of the electronic cigarette. Without it, the heating of the vaping liquid inside the atomiser, which is needed to produce the vapour to be inhaled, could not occur. But what does a battery that powers an e-cig look like? And what characteristics can it have? As far as the first aspect is concerned, you have to know that e-cigarette batteries are based on lithium-ion technology, and their appearance is similar to that of classic Stylus batteries. But, of course, the characteristics are quite different and, as we will see later, relate to several parameters.

First of all, however, it is worth defining the difference between two different types of batteries: electronic and mechanical.

Electronic batteries are so called because they are equipped with an electronic circuit that regulates and limits the amount of energy they deliver. The energy supplied to the atomiser is delivered evenly as the button on the e-cig is pressed. Because they are equipped with a regulating system, they are the safest choice for new vapers; the power limitation protects the battery from overheating, thus saving you too.

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In the case of mechanical batteries, on the other hand, energy delivery is linked to their internal resistance and that of the atomiser, without any limitation. Consequently, the vaper has more control over the vape and each pull is handled independently. Therefore, this option is more suitable for experienced vapers who have to know the characteristics of the batteries and atomiser and pay attention to the construction of the mechanical tube.

In short, if you are a novice vaper, you would be better off not venturing into the use of mechanical vaping systems (or, at least, not without the supervision of an experienced person). Now, however, let us see the essential points to consider when you are preparing to purchase a battery for your electronic cigarette.

How to choose e-cig batteries

Parameters to take into account when choosing a battery for your e-cig

The first parameter to pay attention to when choosing an e-cigarette battery is its size. There are various e-cig models on the market, each of which requires a battery whose size can vary. There are models compatible with 21700, 20700, 18350, 26650 and, most importantly, 18650 batteries. This format is the most widespread. The abbreviations indicating the size of the battery refer to its diameter (the first two digits indicate millimetres) and its length (the last three digits indicate decimillimetres).

A significant value for a battery is its capacity, i.e. the amount of energy it can store. This value is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours) and indicates the intensity of the current delivered by the battery over a given period. A battery with a good capacity lasts longer, which affects how often you have to charge it.

Depending on the e-cig model you own, you will also have to pay attention to the connectors, also known as ‘pins’. Manufacturers of electronic vaping devices produce models that require batteries with a protruding positive pole (just like the standard AA) or a flat-pole (which is slightly concave). Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you buy a battery that has connectors compatible with your electronic cigarette.

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Suppose you own an e-cig with an electronic battery. In that case, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the voltage as managing the energy supplied to the atomiser resistors will be automatic.
However, this value should be considered by those who use a device with mechanical batteries to avoid shorts and voltage problems. Remember that 18650 batteries almost always have a voltage of 3.6 volts.

Finally, another characteristic of the battery that affects the performance of the electronic cigarette and the vape is the wattage, i.e. the power it can deliver. A higher wattage equals more energy, and what follows is that the heating time of the resistance is shorter, and the liquid is vaporised faster.

In conclusion

As you may have noticed, the choice of battery for an e-cigarette can depend on various aspects relating to issues of compatibility with the device and the needs of the vaper.
In addition, to enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest, it is essential to have a high-performance device and quality tobacco, creamy, fruity or speciality liquids.

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