Vaping only water: mission possible?

Is it a possible mission to vape only water?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Is it possible just vape water with the electronic cigarette?

If you are a vaper, perhaps you have asked yourself if it is possible to vape only water with the electronic cigarette and in the next few lines we will try to give answers to your huge question. Vaping liquids are so called because of their composition and for this reason we certainly cannot refer to the water inside an e-cig with this term.

In any case, your curiosity probably revolves around several questions that are often found on the web when doing research such as:

  • Can you just vape water in an atomizer?
  • Is “smoking” water bad for you?
  • Do I damage my e-cig if I only vape water?
  • Does vaporized water condense in the lungs?

So let’s go step by step to analyze the question and find an answer to each of these questions.

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Is vaping water reality or fantasy? Here’s what you need to know

In order to unveil this mystery, we need to do a little preamble, so as to make sure we don’t miss any details. E cigarette liquid are composed of an e-liquid base which has two matrices:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin or glycerol (VG)

We can describe these two components as transparent and odorless liquids, with different densities and qualities. In fact, PG is rather fluid, while VG has a notable and distinctive viscosity. In short, there is absolutely no risk of confusing them each other!

The role that the two ingredients play in the recipe of vaping liquids are diametrically opposed and both are fundamentals to obtain a satisfying vape experience. PG guarantees your e-liquid the following characteristics:

  • Bigger hit (throat hit)
  • Better perception of the e liquid flavour
  • Fluidity of e-liquid

On the other hand, VG gives the final blend the following qualities:

  • Fluffiness
  • Greater body of the vape
  • Best viscosity of the e-liquid

As you can see, the two parts are very different but complementary. So what does water have to do with it? Let’s continue our mental journey.

Waterproof e-cigarettes: do they exist or not?

The classic role of water in electronic cigarette liquids: double distilled vaping water

Double-distilled water is the product that is commonly used in hospitals and pharmacies to prepare injectable solutions in the human body. It is a type of liquid that has been subjected to specific treatments that ensure a very high degree of water purity, and therefore it can be used for inhalation via e-cig.

Adding water to electronic cigarette liquid is an excellent idea. The advantages of using a percentage of double distilled water for your vaping liquids are:

  • Improve the cotton absorption of the coil
  • Avoid the so-called “dry shots”
  • Implement the aromatic perception of steam
  • Extend the life of the coil

As you can see, the addition of double-distilled water to e-liquids can improve the quality of your vape but it is necessary to dose this component in the right way. The percentage of water recommended for vaping liquids stands at a value of 10% of the total solution, considering an e-liquid base 50PG/40VG/10H2O ideal for the MTL vape more than for the DL vape, as the fluffiness of the e-liquid will be of medium level.

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So can you “smoke” water with the electronic cigarette? Here is the truth!

We have seen in the previous paragraphs what is the role of water in vaping, but it remains to understand if it’s possible vape just water inside e-cig atomizers. First of all, it must be said that this practice is not common at any level and this can already give an initial answer to the question: if no one does it, there is probably a reason.

Technically, inserting water into the e-cig does not create particular damage to the system but it has no advantages. In fact, the density of the water is:

  • Insufficient for an e-cig vaporization
  • Unable to adequately convey the e cigarettes flavours
  • Unsatisfactory in terms of yield of the vapor produced (aromatic and full-bodied)

In this sense, we cannot generalize by saying that vaping only water is bad, but it is certainly not recommended for a valid vaping experience. Water in the lungs remains a die-hard rumor, as there is no evidence to refute this thesis.

What we can say for sure is that using ordinary water for vaping liquids is absolutely not a good idea. Unlike double-distilled water, which is free of impurities, common tap or bottled water carries with it numerous substances that are harmful to our health if inhaled.

water and e-cigarettes

Final thoughts on water in electronic cigarette liquids

As you read in this article, water does not create any problems within the world of vaping and if used in a calibrated way it can be an added value. If you want to vape without flavours, it is preferable to use an electronic cigarette based liquid, with or without the addition of bidistilled water.

Vaping only VG makes the e-liquid more vaporous, but it clearly compromises the aromatic perception, drastically decreasing it. This is a practice limited to cloud chasing competitions, in which vapers compete with steam cloud tricks and to allergic people to PG.

Instead, vaping only propylene glycol leads the ecig to produce a more evanescent and full-bodied vapor, but with an excellent aromatic transmission and a very pronounced hit. However, to decrease it, it is advisable to add 5-10% of double distilled water.

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