How (and where) to store electronic cigarette liquids to keep them in perfect condition.

electronic cigarette liquids how and where to store them

Published on: 29/07/2022

The storage phase is crucial for maintaining quality. However, here are some tips to protect them from deterioration and avoid inconvenience.

Liquids from electronic cigarettes end up directly in the lungs.

You will therefore understand the importance of storing them correctly so as not to risk deterioration and make your vaping experience unsatisfactory, if not unpleasant.

Indeed, once opened, liquids are subject to various changes that can lead to a considerable decline in quality if proper attention is not paid to storage.

This article explains how and where to store your e-liquids to preserve their flavour and quality.

How to store e-cigarette liquids?

As I told you, to preserve the quality of your e-liquids, you must have the correct information on how to store them correctly.

It may sound strange or even exaggerated, but believe me when I say that underestimating seemingly insignificant details can ruin your e-liquids and force you to throw them away, wasting time and money.

The first thing to know is that liquids, mainly nicotine, are subject to oxidation. As you can imagine, this process depends on the contact of the components with oxygen and direct light.

This is why I recommend keeping them out of the light and in a place that is not particularly prone to strong temperature fluctuations. In other words, if you do not want to throw them away prematurely, avoid leaving them near windows or heat sources such as heaters and radiators.

These factors can alter the quality of the liquid in terms of flavour and vaping performance. However, a cool, dark environment will ensure long-term storage without unpleasant surprises.

Now that you know that light and heat can ruin your liquid forever, we can start thinking about where to store it.

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Where to store e-cigarette liquids?

If you live alone, you might think that choosing where to store your e-liquid is not a matter worthy of attention. After all, it is your home, and you can certainly dispose of it as you see fit.

But would you still agree if I told you there is a real danger of poisoning? Especially for animals and children, who might ingest it with the combination of curiosity and unawareness typical of these categories.

Keep liquids out of the reach of children and animals

In this regard, precautions must be taken.

Make sure to store the bottles high up so they are not easily accessible, and choose a unique cabinet where you only keep your e-cig accessories, including liquids. If you can lock it, that would be even better. You do not want to risk getting drunk on your conscience!

Another aspect I urge you to consider is the recognisability of the contents. Let me explain. Do everything you can to make the contents of the bottle very clear. Place a sticker on the bottle to indicate that it is a potentially dangerous chemical.

This helps protect your family from accidental mistakes. Avoiding leaving liquids near other substances, such as detergents or, even worse, food, can also help in this regard.

Remember that nicotine in liquid form is not only highly toxic if ingested but also if it comes into direct contact with the skin. Both of these scenarios can have severe consequences, and if someone has, unfortunately, come into contact with liquid nicotine, waste no time and go to the hospital immediately. Poison control procedures will be necessary.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So, if you take the precautions I have suggested on how and where to store your bottles, you can rest assured: you will not put anyone at risk, and you will know that you have done everything possible to keep your liquids fresh for as long as possible.

But are storage methods the only factors that can cause liquids to spoil? Let’s find out.

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What happens to your e-liquid once you open the bottle?

As soon as you open the bottle, air enters and stays inside. In fact, the more you use, the more space it will have.

As I have already mentioned, nicotine is very sensitive to oxidation. You can limit the damage by protecting it from light and heat, but you cannot prevent air from entering the half-empty bottle. What can be done in this case to minimise the deterioration caused by oxygen?

The bottle of liquid nicotine once opened is subject to oxidation

A simple and standard tip is to decant the contents into smaller and smaller bottles. In this way, you will significantly limit the air’s oxidising action and thus prolong your liquid’s life.

Flavours are also sensitive to the passage of time and, especially fruity ones, tend to alter quickly. Although in this case, it is only – only? – As far as flavour appreciation is concerned, it is best to buy limited quantities of liquid so that you can continuously vape it relatively fresh.

What if you have already purchased rather large bottles? You thought you would consume them in time and instead found them expired. What to do?

Expired e-liquid: what to do?

It may seem not easy to let an e-cigarette liquid expire, as they usually have an expiry date of at least one year and up to three.

I imagine that realising shortly before smoking that the liquid has expired is not a pleasant surprise, especially if you do not have an alternative available or if you only realise that it has passed after smoking for several days.

Should you be worried? Are you in danger?

The answer is no. I certainly don’t want to say that you don’t care about the expiry date, but it seems that the chemical composition of the liquid guarantees a much longer shelf life than the expiry date indicates.
In reality, the only risk you run is to have a relatively poor vaping experience.

The hit will be practically absent, and the taste will likely tend towards bitterness and will certainly not be as pleasant as when you bought it.

In conclusion, how and where to store e-liquid?

Make sure it cannot be mistaken for another substance by labelling it unambiguously and, if possible, choose a place inaccessible to pets and children if you can keep it under lock and key, even better.

To avoid spoiling the taste and quality of the liquid electronic cigarette, make sure you store it in a cool, dark place.

If you find that your liquid has lost the effect it had before, or if you want to change the flavour or nicotine concentration, look at our Terpy website.