Tobacco electronic cigarette liquid: a guide to choosing the best one

Buying Guide for E-Cig Tobacco Liquids

Published on: 18/05/2022

A practical guide to the ideal tobacco liquid for you

If you have decided to use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking, know that the first few weeks of vaping are crucial to winning the battle against smoking addiction.

Many would-be vapers quickly return to the arms of blondes because they use liquids that do not satisfy them. So if you don’t want to go back to being a slave to traditional cigarettes, you have to choose which e-liquid to start with carefully.

Some may have advised you to buy tobacco liquids (we call them ‘tobaccos’ in the jargon) to faithfully reproduce the taste of blondes and not make you miss them, but this is not enough. There are many different types of such flavours, and if you choose the wrong one, you risk falling back into the smoking habit.

In this article, I will explain how to figure out which is the ideal tobacco liquid for you.

To enjoy tobacco at its best, one must choose the ideal device for these liquids

How to choose the ideal device to enjoy tobacco liquids to the fullest

If you are looking for your perfect tobacco liquid, there is one element you should consider right away: the choice of electronic cigarette to use.

Certain types of e-liquid, such as fruity or creamy, perform well on all devices; tobacco liquids, on the other hand, are at their best when vaped with cheek e-cigs (MTL).

Reminder: this is not a golden rule to be followed under all circumstances. Some vapers like to vape tobacco liquids with lung (DTL) devices.

However, my advice is to use these e-liquids with MTL electronic cigarettes, especially if you have recently given up blondes and are looking for an experience close to traditional smoking.

In addition, try to combine your device with a good quality box mod to deliver the right power to enjoy the tobacco at its best: ideally, you should vape at around 12/18 watts using resistance above 1 ohm. Be sure never to overdo the power! Tobacco liquids take on a very unpleasant taste when they reach too high a temperature!

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Organic or synthetic tobacco liquids? The differences

OK, now you know what kind of device you should use to enjoy tobacco flavours. All that remains is to choose the e-liquid that is right for you.

To take this step, the first question to ask yourself is: is an organic or a synthetic e-liquid better? To answer, it is first worth explaining the differences between these two types:

  • Organic liquids are produced from natural raw materials. In our case, tobacco leaves undergo extraction or maceration. I will not bore you with the details of these two processes. It will suffice to know that organic liquids taste authentic and robust (sometimes too much so!). However, the molecules contained within them are much more aggressive towards the resistances and quickly ruin them. For this reason, they should be used with regenerable electronic cigarettes;
  • On the other hand, synthetic liquids are made from laboratory-synthesised flavourings that reproduce a particular flavour. They are much less aggressive towards resistances than organic ones and can therefore be used with any device. However, they can be unfaithful to the taste they are supposed to reproduce.

Let’s cut to the chase: which type of tobacco liquid should you choose? The answer is: it depends.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to go for the simplest solution: for the time being, leave regenerable devices and liquids that can put a strain on your resistance alone. Instead, aim for synthetic ones to use with more straightforward e-cigarettes. The taste will not be great, but you can find quality products that will keep you away from blondes.

If you are a veteran vaper, however, you could venture into the world of organics. Buy a rebuildable atomiser, get all the necessary materials for DIY resistors and enjoy the tastiest tobacco liquids.

Tobacco liquids attempt to reproduce the distinctive taste of each of the plant varieties

Top tobacco flavours to emulate the taste of blondes

Now that you have decided whether to buy organic or synthetic tobacco liquids, the only thing left to do is choose which flavour is right for you.

Rather than pointing you to specific products, I prefer to outline the characteristics of the main types of tobacco flavourings used in vaping so that you have maximum freedom when making your purchase.

  • Virginia: this American tobacco is famous for its light, sweet taste with a hint of straw. It is one of the ideal flavours for smokers trying to give up blondes in favour of vaping, and Virginia liquids are particularly reminiscent of the taste of a famous brand of traditional cigarettes. I cannot tell you which one, but I will give you a hint: its symbol is an eagle flying with spread wings;
  • Latakia: is an oriental, spicy and intensely aromatic tobacco and is considered among the finest varieties. Its intense flavour makes organic Latakia liquids a double-edged sword: they are delicious, but when overheated, they take on a very unpleasant aroma (from personal experience, the sensation is that of cigarette butts in the mouth);
  • 7-leaf: this flavour reproduces a mixture of relatively light, sweet, dry tobaccos with floral notes. It is very popular with vapers looking for a taste that never gets tired, suitable for 24/7 use. I consider it best suited to satisfy a wide variety of palates due to its mildness;
  • Burley: This tobacco is somewhere between Virginia and Latakia. It has a robust and assertive aroma with some sweetish notes, significantly enhanced when vaped with rechargeable atomisers. The flavour is relatively balanced, making it ideal for blending with other flavourings.

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In conclusion

You now have all the knowledge to select the ideal tobacco liquid for you.

Are you an ex-smoker who recently started vaping and who likes mild flavours? Buy an essential MTL device and choose a synthetic Virginia or 7-leaf e-liquid. On the other hand, if you have been a vaper for a long time and prefer a strong aroma, you would do well to buy a rechargeable atomiser and enjoy a lovely organic Latakia or Burley liquid.

In any case, try to buy quality items from the best retailers in the industry. If you want only the best, choose Terpy, the number 1 vape shop in Europe! You will find everything you need in our store to enjoy your vaping sessions with your favourite products to the fullest.

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