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Electronic cigarette CBD liquid

CBD Vaporizing Liquids Notice The electronic cigarette has now become the alternative par excellence to the classic cigarette. Normally those who use e-cigarettes are the smokers who want to decrease nicotine addiction. There are vapers that in fact start from e liquid containing high doses of liquide nicotine, and then slowly drop towards those ones […]

increase CBD in your e cig liquid

Everything you need to know about CBD liquid for e-cigarettes E cigarette liquid are the most creative aspect of vaping. Whether you are related to the world of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, to dedicate yourself to alleviating stressful moments or for sport (the phenomenon of cloud chasing is becoming increasingly viral), the creation of […]

CBD liquid for e cigarette

Everything you know about CBD-liquid electronic cigarette (cannabidiol) Let’s start by explaining that just like the natural terpenes of marijuana, CBD is also a natural substance that is extracted from Cannabis sativa and is present in plants at levels and in lower quantities than the more known THC, the psychotropic principle that made cannabis products […]

Is e-cigarette liquid bad for nicotine-free e-cigarettes?

Is there any damage caused by nicotine-free electronic cigarette liquids? Leaving aside the personal pleasure, usually the long-term goal of people who approach the world of e-cigarettes (e-cig) is to stop smoking. Unlike many other medical devices (patches, chewing gum etc.), the electronic cigarette with e liquid is designed precisely to resemble a classic cigarette, […]

The importance of the resistance of the electronic cigarette

Here’s what is the function of resistance within the vaporization and how to take care of it The resistance of the electronic cigarette is an essential component of vaping, because thanks to its heating the vaping liquids are vaporized. In order for the mechanism to work with no problems and vaporize e cigarette liquid in […]