Mechanical mods: what they are, how to use them and why they are not the right choice for beginners.

What are mechanical mods and how are they used?

Published on: 15/08/2022

Much more powerful because they lack adequate safety systems

Are you an enthusiast? Do you participate in cloud chasing or perform the craziest vaping tricks? If so, you have already used or at least heard of mechanical mods.

For newbies or, more generally, people who have no idea what mechanical mods are and how they work, the whole thing might seem complex and, therefore, difficult to understand.

On the other hand, Vaping enthusiasts who watch videos on the web are often intrigued when they see vaping devices entirely different from those sold in their local shops. Mechanical mods, also known as ‘mech mods’, are the most commonly used by professional vapers.

But how are mechanical mods used? How do mechanical mods work? Are mechanical mods dangerous?

In this post, I share the preliminary information about these devices and explain why you should opt for alternative solutions if you are a beginner.

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What are mechanical mods and how do they work?

A mechanical, or unregulated, mod is a straightforward device, much more so than an inexperienced vaper might imagine.

It is an electronic cigarette that supplies pure battery power (electricity) to the atomiser. It is a primary device, more straightforward than a normal one and has the essential components that can be found in any device, such as the housing, the battery and the atomiser.

When the three individual threaded sections, the switch, the 510 connectors and the housing with the battery are connected, they form the base of the mechanical mod.

Once the switch is operated, the electrical circuit is created, and battery voltage is applied to the centre pin of the 510 connector. When the button is released, the voltage applied to the 510 connector is disconnected.

When the atomiser (tank) or an RBA/RTA is screwed into the 510 connector, the current flows through the tank coil once the switch is actuated. In turn, the tank coil heats up and vaporises the e-liquid contained in the tank.

An important thing to remember is that when the switch is pressed, the power from the battery is released onto the heating element.

There are no safety or protection features, and the current will be drawn directly from the battery.

The current drawn is then regulated by the resistance of the coil mounted inside the tank or atomiser.

Furthermore, the lower the tolerance of the resistance, the more current will be drawn from the battery.

The wattage (the wattage, in other words) at which the coil resistance also defines one vape, and there is no way to adjust it on a mechanical mod. To use it correctly, it is necessary to be quite clear about the physics principles that come into play.

With the mechanical mod you cannot adjust the vape power

Are mechanical mods dangerous?

Let’s tell it like it is. Do you want to use a mech mod? Get out your physics books and start studying. When you can recite the principles of Ohm’s law, and calculate amperages and battery values in your sleep, perhaps you will be up to the task. Handling a mech mod without full knowledge of these elements can be very dangerous.

In 2018, for example, a 38-year-old man from Florida died when his mechanical mod exploded. The ‘explosive vape’ that killed him caused, as is to be expected, much confusion about e-cig safety.

In this regard, let us try to clarify.

The explosion risks of mechanical mods can depend mainly on the classic risk presented by any battery-powered device; the second is directly related to improper use of the unlimited power of mechanical mods.

When one tries to manipulate the voltage of such devices – which, as we have said, have no safety locks – the risks increase exponentially.

To try to limit the possibility of explosion, some devices are equipped with vents to relieve pressure in the event of gas build-up, but as I said, not all of them are equipped. Therefore, using a mech mod without a vent is highly inadvisable.

To avoid the dangers of battery explosions as much as possible, the advice – especially in the case of novice vapers – is to opt for safer models, such as electronic mods.

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Electronic mods are far safer than mechanical ones

When discussing vaping, one must remember that there are dozens of different devices, but the two main categories are mechanical and electronic mods.

Regulated mods, another way of identifying electric ones, make up the vast majority of vaping devices on the market and contain circuit boards to regulate power and control functions.

Power flow and built-in safety mechanisms, such as overheating and short-circuit protection, are all included. In addition, variable voltage and wattage devices are part of this family.

On the other hand, unregulated mods consist of a coil connected directly to a battery. The difference is quite noticeable: there are no regulations or safety mechanisms.

The raw energy of the battery is delivered to an atomiser without electronic circuits, power adjustments or safety features.

In short, certainly not a guarantee of peace of mind!

Safe vaping with an electronic mod

To conclude, mechanical mods are not the best choice for vaping beginners

Unless you know thoroughly how a mechanised mod works and current and resistance work, I would not recommend using an unregulated device.

To use them safely, you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, electric current, how resistance works and Ohm’s law. In this case, then a mechanical mod may be a viable option.

To avoid serious accidents, therefore, regulated mods are the best choice. However, many of them also have a bypass mode, so if you wanted to vape mechanically, you could still do so.

A regulated mod, therefore, can cater for any vaping style and allows you to benefit from all the relevant safety mechanisms.

If you are new to vaping, choose a regulated mod. Then, take advantage of the technology and let it do its job while you enjoy vaping.

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