Chinese electronic cigarette? Why it might not be a good idea

Is the Chinese electronic cigarette a good idea?

Published on: 06/04/2022

Here’s what you risk if you buy a cheap chinese electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette, which is now widely used worldwide, was developed in China in 2003 by a pharmacist whose father died of lung cancer due to smoking.

Since he was a heavy smoker himself, he set out to find an alternative to the classic cigarette, assuming that most of its toxicity comes from the combustion process, which generates toxic substances inhaled by the smoker. In addition, it had to be a system that was non-dangerous and gave the same sensations, which is not easy.

So he found a way to dissolve nicotine in water, adding tobacco flavouring to make it taste as close as possible to the taste of cigarettes. Then, using heat, the Chinese pharmacist was able to transform this mixture into vapour and put it into a handy and easy-to-use device.

This is how the electronic cigarette was born – a truly innovative tool for those heavily addicted to smoking since it is finally possible to smoke without the severe damage that the classic cigarette causes to your health.

Chinese Electronic Cigarette

Chinese electronic cigarette: best avoided?

It is not always the case that a product of Chinese origin is of poor quality. However, in this particular case, as mentioned above, the electronic cigarette was even created in China, so it is necessary to carefully analyse the product you are dealing with before making any easy judgments.

It is also true that Chinese manufacturers often prefer to invest less in quality than in quantity, overloading production and then distributing objects of little value.

In the case of electronic cigarettes, there are undoubtedly Chinese manufacturers who, unfortunately, do not take into account the raw materials used and market devices that not only may have a limited life span due to the use of cheap components but may also be harmful to those who use them.

As a result, cases of electronic devices leaking liquid or overheating are not uncommon, possibly affecting the actual quality of inhaled vapour.

All these aspects are of great relevance and topicality, so much so that the scientific community often questions the possibility of electronic cigarettes having undesirable effects on health as devices that have been created specifically to reduce the damage to the body caused by smoking, all their components and the electronic cigarette liquids used must be of the highest quality, certified and controlled. Otherwise, the ultimate purpose for which they are used could be undermined.

For this reason, it is advisable to rely on well-known brands, also as a matter of assistance, since it may be more challenging to deal with Chinese companies in the after-sales phase.

Let’s now take a closer look at the reasons why it might not be a good idea to buy Chinese electronic cigarettes.


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Poor quality of components

Assuming that most e-cigarettes and the vast majority of all electronic devices are manufactured in China, it makes little sense to assume that all Chinese cigarettes should be avoided.

It is nevertheless essential to underline which aspects to pay attention to when buying since not all retailers rely on serious manufacturers, saving money to the detriment of consumers.

From the point of view of raw materials, it is well known that many Chinese products are made using shoddy products, so even in the case of electronic cigarettes, it is essential to understand how they were built and what kind of certifications they have. This is a fundamental question, as people often prefer to look at the price rather than the actual value of what they are buying.

The actual quality of the elements that make up each electronic cigarette must always play a primary role since it is an electronic instrument that is handled daily; likewise, internal mechanisms must work perfectly and be resistant. Otherwise, there is a risk of frequent or potentially dangerous malfunctions for the individual.

Low quality electronic cigarette: may be dangerous for your health

Possible health risks

E-cigs have become so popular on the market, both as an alternative to cigarettes and an aid to quitting smoking, that they are often the subject of studies and research in the medical field.

They work with specific liquids, which are inhaled directly by the user. Consequently, it is essential to be sure that you are using products that meet all the standards imposed by the scientific community in terms of health and safety.

With specific reference to Chinese electronic cigarettes, it must be admitted that manufacturers are not always diligent in following the dictates of the European Community, and even importers are not very committed to pursuing these goals, aiming too often at a mere profit at the expense of quality.

Recently, there have often been reports of seizures of electronic cigarettes from China due to the use of components that are potentially harmful to the health of the consumer, highlighting how, for example, the use of poorly made or shoddy atomisers can significantly affect the standards of the entire marketed product.

Similarly, there is a tendency to advise against purchasing Chinese liquids, as there is a risk that they are made by mixing substances that are not controlled at the source.

Difficult technical support

The above arguments become even more critical when one considers the question of service. As these are electronic devices, it is probable or possible that malfunctions may occur due to accidental drops or internal assembly problems or poor components.

In any case, the customer service provided by the manufacturer of the product must always be available and easy to find so that you can get all the answers you need and, if necessary, send your electronic cigarette for repair. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with devices of Chinese origin, as service is often slow to arrive or does not provide the necessary support to resolve the situation.

The customer must always have a point of reference, and when this does not happen, the reputation of the brand and its ultimate satisfaction is at stake.

Spare parts must also be available to avoid long waits that could render the electronic cigarette unusable, causing enormous inconvenience to the vaper, always bearing in mind that this is a device that can be used as a substitute for the classic cigarette.

On the one hand, Chinese manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by providing an ever more present service, but there is still a lot of work to reach the standards of the best known and most commercialised brands.

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Limited lifetime

Last but not least, we have to consider the question of the durability of an electronic cigarette. We are talking about an electronic instrument that is subject to wear and tear by its very nature.

The user uses the electronic cigarette daily, even repeatedly and for many hours, so it requires constant maintenance and care of all its components. It means that those who buy this type of product should know that they will have to pay a lot of attention to cleaning the different elements that make up the electronic cigarette, taking each piece apart and removing any residue that may be present.

However, when you buy products of dubious origin or Chinese manufacture, it can sometimes happen that the use of poor quality components can reduce the practical life of the electronic cigarette. In such cases, no matter how careful you are, you will inevitably experience frequent malfunctions.

It means that you will also have to resort to service and may have to wait for missing parts to be replaced or gears to be repaired.

In conclusion, buying a Chinese electronic cigarette could have a whole series of unpleasant consequences, both from the point of view of safety and from the point of view of use. However, regardless of the brand or the country of origin of the product, it is advisable to contact only authorised dealers so that you always have a reference point in case of need.

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