How does the bottom feeder electronic cigarette work? Meet the squonk

The bottom feeder electronic cigarette, how does it work?

Published on: 03/10/2022

Discover the characteristics of vaping with the squonk box

Are you approaching the world of vaping and curious about the various types of electronic cigarettes? Or perhaps you are a vaper looking for new vaping experiences? In either case, you may have heard of the bottom feeder and want to know more about this device and the vaping technique associated with it, the squonk.

In this article, I will describe the structure of this e-cig model, explain how it works and outline its advantages and disadvantages.

How the bottom feeder works

What bottom feeder means and how this vaping device is made

If we look back and think for a moment about the first e-cigarette models, we realise how much this industry has evolved over the years. New technologies and increasingly sophisticated designs allow vapers to choose from a multitude of devices, including the bottom feeder. This model of e-cig differs from most vaping devices in the presence of a flask inside the box, the type of atomizer required for the draw and the system for feeding liquids into the coil. The name ‘bottom feeder’ is due precisely to the fact that the feeding (of the liquid, of course) takes place from below.

As you know, in many models, e-cigarette liquids are filled inside the atomizer, which also serves as a tank; in bottom feeders, on the other hand, they are poured directly into the bottle inside the casing that houses the various e-cig components, thus allowing for greater storage. In these devices, therefore, the atomizer does not act as a tank and the liquid comes directly from the bottle. How? Via a small tube that connects this element with the tank, which, unlike the classic models, must have a perforated pin.

If you have never vaped with such an electronic cigarette, you are probably wondering how it works. Well, it is simpler than it sounds, and in the next section, I will tell you about it.

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How the bottom feeder works

The presence of an atomizer with a pierced pin often causes perplexity among inexperienced vapers and laymen of this electronic cigarette model. However, once the proper vaping technique of the bottom feeder has been clarified, all doubts disappear.

Let us assume that using a squonk mod means having to refill the coil every 4-5 puffs. To soak the cotton at the bottom of the atomizer, however, you do not have to open it and do your tobacco liquids, fruity liquids, or creamy liquids, but simply press the bottle (which, incidentally, protrudes slightly from the box). In doing so, the liquid will flow up the tube and moisten the cotton. At this point, once the coil has the right amount of liquid, you can activate the atomizer with the external button and vape.

With squonk, therefore, you have to prepare yourself for a ‘manual’ vape, but not without its positive sides. Let’s see what its pros and cons are.

Squonk mod

What are the pros and cons of this electronic cigarette?

Compared with other vaping techniques and related e-cig models, the bottom feeder (also known by the acronym ‘BF’) has some significant advantages. Before we look at them, however, I want to expose the downsides that might characterize its use. In reality, the cons of this device are not so many, especially if you do not mind the fact that you often have to recharge the coil while vaping (a quick and non-invasive operation in any case).

The downsides of this e-cig model mainly concern less experienced vapers and consist of two opposed scenarios: over squonk and under squonk. In the first case, an excessive amount of liquid is pumped into the atomizer, and the unpleasant consequence is that there may be splashes or leaks during the draw; in the second case, the cotton is not soaked sufficiently, and this can cause dry draws. Both situations are very annoying for the vaper, but with a little experience, it is not difficult to find the right balance.

On the other hand, vaping with this device allows you to:

  • have a larger amount of liquid inside the e-cig;
  • replace the liquid without having to disassemble the atomizer;
  • have a better aromatic experience;
  • not contaminating the liquid with unpleasant flavours that the coil may release.

In short, although it is necessary to get the hang of squonking in the beginning, the bottom feeder is a valid alternative to other models for those who enjoy vaping mechanically and wish to change flavours and liquids frequently.

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In conclusion

The ability to vape creamy or fruity flavours without contamination of the coil and to conveniently change liquids several times during the day leads many people to choose the bottom feeder. If you want to have a satisfying vaping experience with one of these devices, you would do well to use quality liquids and flavourings.

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