What is flavour chasing and which atomizers you should use for maximum flavour?

What is flavor chasing

Published on: 05/10/2022

What this fashionable vaping technique is all about

Approaching flavour chasing without having to clear in mind what the characteristics of this vaping style are is not the brightest of ideas. To adopt this technique, you need to know which devices and liquids to use because, without them, you cannot enjoy an optimal vaping experience.

In this article, I will explain what flavour chasing is, how it is practised and what are the most important aspects to consider doing it right.

With a flavour atomiser the vapour is more aromatic

Flavour chasing: what it is and how it differs from cloud chasing

Although the search for the best perception of tastes and their nuances is a practice that vapers have been carrying out since the early days when electronic cigarettes started to become popular, it is only recently that people have started talking about flavour chasing. This term now indicates a real school of thought on vaping. To understand what its main characteristic is, it suffices to translate its meaning, i.e. ‘flavour chasing’.

In essence, then, flavour chasing is an approach to vaping that focuses primarily on the search for flavour and fragrance, and I do not think I am exaggerating if I compare this practice to that of a sommelier. Those who vape in this way do not simply pull and savour the aromas of vaping liquids superficially but go searching for the most hidden notes, often mixing various flavours and testing different combinations of aromas and flavours.

This practice, of course, stands in stark contrast to cloud chasing, a vaping experience in which the main objective is the search for the perfect cloud of vapour, so big and dense that it would make the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland envious. But beyond the different types of experience, the vaping techniques and equipment also change between flavour chasing and cloud chasing. The most important component to consider when flavour chasing is the atomizer, and in the next section, I will give you some tips on choosing a suitable one.

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The best flavour chasing atomizers: Terpy’s tips

I start with a premise: vaping is a very subjective practice and preferences can change from person to person; consequently, the model of the electronic cigarette, its shape and technical characteristics should also meet the needs of each vaper. However, beyond personal taste, to do flavour chasing it is significant to put together components that favour and enhance this type of vaping, starting with the tank.

First, I feel obliged to tell you that you should avoid using a top-coil atomizer, i.e. the type of device in which the cartridge is located at the top. For what reason? Well, leaving aside the fact that these tank models are now obsolete and little used in general, in a vaping experience in which the perception of aromas is the basis of everything, the cotton must soak in at the right point. Here, since in top-coils electronic cigarette liquids rise by capillarity, it often happens that the cotton does not get sufficiently wet, making the vape less aromatically intense.

Therefore, the ideal atomizers for this type of vaping are those in which the coil is positioned at the bottom, but this is not enough: in fact, another important characteristic of the tank for flavour chasing is closely linked to the resistance. Since vaping at low voltage is preferable to obtaining an aroma-rich vapour, I recommend using a sub-Ohm atomizer, i.e. a device that supports resistances below 1 Ohm. From an olfactory and taste perspective, you will get satisfactory results without having to give up the right intensity and density of the vapour.

Finally, remaining on the subject of atomizers, to optimize your flavour-chasing experience you would do well to equip yourself with a regenerable tank: only in this way will you be able to capture all the nuances of your liquids.

Cloud chasing

Which liquids are best suited to flavour chasing

Speaking of liquids, their characteristics are crucial for flavour chasing. I will not take the liberty of suggesting which flavours and aromas you should vape because—as our Latin ancestors liked to say—de gustibus non est disputandum. One thing, however, I can do: tell you which liquids lend them best to this type of vaping.

In general, flavour chasers prefer fruity and creamy liquids; however, it is also possible to stimulate the senses with special liquids or even tobacco liquids. The important thing is to prefer liquids with a propylene glycol content of more than 60 per cent. Ideal values range between 60 and 70 per cent and, of course, the sacrificed part is vegetable glycerine, a substance that is especially useful for cloud chasing due to its propensity to create a very dense and full-bodied vapour.

Propylene glycol, on the other hand, enhances aromas better but has a slightly lower yield in terms of vapour abundance and density.

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In conclusion

Now that you know what flavour chasing is and what equipment you need to vape this way, you are probably looking forward to your first experiments with the right devices and your favourite liquids. At Terpy, you can find a wide range of quality vaping liquids and flavourings at very affordable prices.

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