Electronic cigarette tobacco liquids: here are the bestsellers from Terpy.

Tobacco liquids for electronic cigarette

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Do you want to know the most popular tobacco liquids and get inspiration for your vaping experiences? Find out with us which are the best

Finding tobaccos for electronic cigarettes, which faithfully reproduce the taste of the most common analogue cigarettes or fresh tobacco, can be much more complicated than you think.

As you probably already know, artificial flavours are added to some vape liquids, which only distantly resemble the smell and taste of tobacco. And it can happen that, to get a strong and persistent taste, these products have to be modified by adding other flavourings.

A big hassle!

Terpy tobacco liquids, on the other hand, are not only characterised by their natural and pleasant aromas, which satisfy even the most demanding ex-smokers, but also by their unique blends and persistent taste.

In the following paragraphs, we would like to tell you about the most popular tobacco liquids among our customers so that you can get inspiration for your next vaping experience.

Let’s get started.

Liquid Tobacco Classic

Best tobacco liquids? Most purchased on Terpy.

Although the number of vape liquids on offer in various flavours has increased dramatically, tobacco liquids still hold a place of honour.

If you wonder why most new vapers are ex-smokers of analogue cigarettes who have found an electronic cigarette as a solution to overcoming the tobacco habit.

For the same reason, the best-selling tobacco liquids are those that faithfully reproduce the taste of ‘blondes’ or cigars.

Let’s see what they are.

Among the best-selling tobacco liquids for electronic cigarettes over the years is undoubtedly Tobacco Classic.

This liquid lets you enjoy a smooth but at the same time strong tobacco taste, which at times reminds you of the scent of wood and a skilfully aged liqueur.

Tobacco Classic is especially appreciated by ex-smokers of the classic ‘red’ cigarette, the stronger, fuller taste, and is often purchased in larger sizes (120 and 250 ml) for everyday use.

Tobacco Gold is also on the list of the most sought-after liquids.

It is a very popular liquid with ex-smokers of ‘Gold’ or ‘Light’ cigarettes and is perfect for regular use at any time of day.

If we want to describe the Tobacco Gold liquid briefly, we can say that it is a product that faithfully reproduces the flavour of light while sweet and enveloping tobacco.

And we could not fail to mention Tobacco Light, a liquid with the taste of fresh tobacco enriched with a touch of mint, wild pine and woodland scents: an evergreen among the Terpy tobacco liquids.

Finally, we would like to talk about the liquid that won the title of the best tobacco liquid of 2021: Tobacco Honey.

Unexpectedly, our honey liquid was an outstanding success this year!

It may be because tobacco lovers were craving a fuller and more distinctive flavour than usual, or perhaps it may be because so many new vapers are former cigar or unfiltered cigarette smokers.

Whatever the reason, Tobacco Honey liquid deserves this success. It is a unique and characteristic product that allows you to enjoy a perfect mix of tobacco and honey flavours with a smoky aftertaste that goes well with the most relaxing moments of the day.

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Looking for sweet and fresh tobacco liquids? Don’t miss our suggestions.

In addition to the tobacco liquids that most closely resemble the taste of analogue cigarettes (and are also the most popular among our Terpy customers), many others are worth trying.

Among the sweet tobacco liquids, for example, Tobacco Sweet is a product that exceptionally combines the aroma of tobacco with vanilla and candyfloss.

According to our most loyal customers, this liquid has a caramelised tobacco leaf essence—a real treat for taste and smell!

Liquid Tobacco Sweet

Like all other tobacco liquids, Tobacco Sweet is great for those trying to kick the analogue cigarette habit and is perfect for everyday use and an alternative to more classic liquids.

And now to the freshness.

One of the freshest tobacco liquids is undoubtedly Tobacco Summer (also trendy in the vape flavour version). In this case, the flavour of tobacco has been skilfully combined with that of apple, banana, and watermelon to create a sparkling summer blend. You have to try it: it’s great in winter, too!

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To conclude

After reading this article, you will undoubtedly have a clearer idea of the most popular tobacco-based e-cigarette liquids that might be right for you.

Choose from the classics, or opt for the more unusual ones, and also take a look at the other proposals that you can find in our Terpy store.

By purchasing our products, you can be sure to have an intense and quality vaping experience.

We are waiting for you!