How much does an e-cigarette cost in pharmacies, and how much in online shops?

Cost of an electronic cigarette in a pharmacy and online shop

Published on: 04/04/2022

We clarify the prices of e-cigarettes in pharmacies and webshops

Today you can buy electronic cigarettes in pharmacies, specialised retailers and online shops.

Each offers different products, so it can be challenging to determine which store is the most convenient, even for those who have been vaping for some time.

Many people ask themselves questions such as “How much does an electronic cigarette cost in a pharmacy?” before deciding whether to buy online again. And “Are the devices sold in pharmacies safer?”.

Finding answers to these questions can be tricky, so we decided to do just that in this article.

Here is how much an electronic cigarette might cost in pharmacies and other stores.

Girl going to the pharmacy to buy an e-cigarette

Electronic cigarette in pharmacies: the average price

Many people live hectic and confusing lives and who, for convenience, prefer to shop online.

However, even those in the habit of buying on the web often have doubts about whether what they are about to order might have a better price in a shop close to home.

This is the case, for example, with electronic cigarettes and vape liquids.

Are they more expensive in a pharmacy?

Are they more reliable?

Let us assume that many types of e-cigarettes on the market differ in several characteristics. For example, there are small, compact e-cigs, larger e-cigs suitable for lung shots, e-cigs with lots of options, and those with basic settings…

To make an accurate comparison, one would have to compare the price of the same product sold in pharmacies and online shops, which is rarely possible.

However, to answer the question “How much does an electronic cigarette cost in a pharmacy?” we can make an average.

Most pharmacies sell disposable electronic cigarettes, i.e. vaping devices with a minimal lifespan. On average, a disposable electronic cigarette lasts as long as a packet of analogue cigarettes, after which another packet must be purchased.

The price of a single disposable electronic cigarette in a pharmacy is, on average, between 4 and 8 euros.

Considering that the most hardened ex-smokers might consume one per day would cost a lot of money in a month: if you buy the cheapest disposable e-cigarettes, you will spend about 120 euros!

Traditional e-cigarettes, on the other hand, are rarely found in pharmacies. However, when they are, the choice is usually limited (there are only one or two models at most), and the price is hardly ever competitive.

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How much does an e-cigarette cost in online shops?

Having clarified how much a disposable electronic cigarette costs in a pharmacy, it is now time to talk about specialist retailers’ offers.

In online shops dedicated to the world of vaping, things are different: a good e-cigarette could cost between 15 and 35 euros. Add the monthly cost of vape liquids, which averages 15-20 euros.

Online shopping for vaping

Of course, we are talking about classic vaping devices and not the disposable devices mentioned above.

Finally, we need to clarify how much it costs to maintain an electronic cigarette. The expense is negligible, think that the most expensive spare part is the atomiser, which costs an average of 15 euros.

We can say that if you buy an e-cigarette in an online shop, such as our shop Terpy, the first month’s cost is around 60 euros (but it could be much less). In the following months, however, taking into account the maintenance costs and the purchase of e-cigarette liquids, you will spend on average 35/40 euros.

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To conclude: summing up.

As we have seen, the difference between the costs of e-cigarettes bought in pharmacies and online stores is enormous!

Disposable e-cigs are ready to use, but they do not allow you to customise your vaping experience and are much more expensive in the long run.

Traditional e-cigarettes, on the other hand, need to be refilled and cleaned constantly. Still, they allow you to customise your vaping experience and cost significantly less in the long run!

In both cases, there are pros and cons, but if we want to choose based on savings, electronic cigarettes purchased online are certainly the best choice!

We hope that reading this article has helped you to clarify your ideas. We invite you to visit our online shop

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