Debunking the most embarrassing e-cigarette hoaxes

The most sensational electronic cigarette hoaxes

Modified on: 27/05/2024

The most embarrassing e-cigarette fake news

Fake news, also called hoaxes or fake news has always existed since the dawn of time. Of course, with the Internet, this spread much more rapidly and widely. Electronic cigarette has also suffered over the years.

Hoaxes about e-cigs and the effects of vaping liquids abound, and many of them border on the grotesque. In this article, you will find the ones that have caused the most uproar and find out why they are completely unfounded.

The electronic cigarette is dangerous because it explodes

If we are to embark on a journey of discovery of the most absurd deceptions concerning e-cigs, we cannot but start with the most classic of the classics: the one according to which this device is extremely dangerous for its users because, at any moment, it can explode and cause serious damage to the unfortunate vaper on duty.

Ever since the electronic cigarette began to gain space and approval, there have been repeated reports of people being disfigured by its explosion. I doubt you have ever come across headlines such as ‘Electronic cigarette explodes in his face. Here’s the shocking video’. Very true: similar incidents have happened, but the same happens with other battery-operated electronic devices.

Moreover, in most cases, the explosions were caused by incorrect handling of the battery or by the homemade assembly of components that did not comply with European regulations. But under normal conditions, the chances of an electronic cigarette battery exploding are as high as those of a smartphone. In short, the purpose of this news was simple: to ride the wave and catch clicks.

Marlboro e-cigarettes, known as IQOS

The electronic cigarette does more harm than the analogue cigarette

Well, among the most far-fetched hoaxes, this one holds a special place on the podium. The news of the alleged harmfulness of e-cigs—even greater than that of traditional cigarettes—was since the tobacco, creamy or fruity liquids that vapers like so much contained carcinogenic substances. This, of course, is untrue: European legislation obliges manufacturers of e-cigarette liquids to disclose the chemical composition of products well in advance before placing them on the market.

Of course, liquids are chemical compounds, but by law, they cannot contain carcinogenic substances and, unlike analogue cigarettes, they are inhaled by vaping. Since much of the damage typical of the classic cigarette comes from combustion, it is easy to see why e-cigs expose you to approximately 99% less risk of suffering health damage than smoking.

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E-cigarette “passive smoking” is bad for you

For years and years, the media and doctors have been hammering away (and rightly so) at the harm of passive smoking. Since vaping began to spread, however, the debate between those who argue that it is OK to allow vapers to use e-cigs indoors and those who are against it has started to rage. And it didn’t take long for the hoax factory to peddle absurd news about the alleged harm of ‘passive smoking’ from vaping.

Inverted commas are obligatory because, in the absence of combustion, it is improper to speak of smoke. Vapers inhale and throw out vapour, not smoke. Here, this vapour is not very different from that produced by the smoke machines used at concerts and, so far, there is no evidence of its harmfulness. Of course, being locked up for two hours in a room where everyone is vaping is no panacea, but extreme cases aside, apart from eye discomfort and the smell, there appears to be no risk.

How much nicotine to put in DIY liquids

The electronic cigarette is bad for you because the liquids contain nicotine

This hoax is easily debunked by regular vapers, but those who know nothing about e-cigs might be misled into believing that this factor in common with the analogue cigarette exposes vapers to the same risks as smokers. This is not the case because nicotine is not responsible for the more serious damage associated with smoking. Of course, this substance is addictive and can cause agitation and anxiety, but the main culprit responsible for the harmfulness of the traditional cigarette is combustion.

Moreover—as vapers know very well—in vaping liquids, the presence, or absence of liquid nicotine is a user’s choice. That’s right, it is possible to vape liquids without nicotine and, if it is present, it is up to the vaper to decide in what percentage.

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Electronic cigarette encourages young people to smoke

We close this review of the most sensational hoaxes about electronic cigarettes by mentioning the one according to which this device is an incentive for young people to smoke. In reality, studies have shown that vaping among minors is still uncommon. Not only that, but most young vapers resort to e-cigs precisely in an attempt to kick the smoking habit.

So perhaps rather than encouraging young people to take the path of this terrible vice, the e-cigarette is a way out of it.

In conclusion

The list of hoaxes about electronic cigarettes is very long, and more are likely to come out. After reading this article, however, you will at least know the most famous ones.

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