Can multiple flavours be combined for the electronic cigarette?

You can combine several flavourings for e-cigs | Terpy

Published on: 13/02/2023

How to combine different concentrated flavors when blending diy liquids

Are you dedicated to mixing e-liquids for DIY electronic cigarettes?

Over the course of your experiments, you’ve probably identified a few concentrated flavours that are perfect for your tastes, but let’s face it: vapers like us are never completely satisfied with our products. We always want more and continually want to discover new flavours to try to quench our infinite ‘thirst’ for novelty.

For this reason, many vapers decide to combine two or more aromas in search of the perfect combination.

Are you thinking of doing it yourself, but are you afraid that these products are not suitable for mixing with each other?

If so, know that you are not running any risk: it is perfectly normal to combine several concentrated flavours with each other. However, if you want to get a satisfactory result, there are some important things you need to know.

I’ll tell you in the next article.

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Pay attention to the proportions of the ingredients in your homemade liquids when you decide to combine several flavours with each other

Keep in mind that when you add more flavours to your DIY liquids, you cannot dose them according to the concentration recommended by the manufacturers, but you must dose them accordingly.

I’ll explain.

For a homemade liquid to have a balanced taste, its ingredients, including the concentrated aroma, must be mixed in the right proportions.

Let’s give an example if we want to obtain 100 ml of 50/50 liquid, that is, with a ratio between vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 1 to 1. Let’s imagine that we want to mix it without nicotine, to simplify the calculation.

Our liquid should consist of half VG and half PG. But how much concentrated flavour should we use?

As a rule, manufacturers indicate this information precisely on the label of their articles. And, in most cases, they recommend mixing homemade liquids so that the concentrated flavour accounts for 10% of the total.

Consequently, our e-liquid will have to contain 10 ml of it.

What if we decide to add another aroma?

In this case, if we follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, we will have to use 10 ml of the first and another 10 ml of the second. But in doing so we would obtain a liquid with 20 ml of aroma, too many to be balanced. It would probably taste too intense and could make us feel bad when vaping.

That’s what I meant by ‘proportionately’. Since the recommended aroma percentage is normally 10%, if we use 2 of them, we must add 5 ml of the first and another 5 ml of the second. If there are 3, we should use 3.33ml for each of them. And so on.

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Some general rules to keep in mind when mixing your own e-liquids

It’s hard to come up with several hard and fast rules to keep in mind when choosing which concentrated liquid flavours to pair with each other when mixing homemade e-liquids. After all, every vaper has different tastes, and a certain combination might be great for one person, but unpleasant for another.

In any case, we can try to give general indications that can be useful to find the balance between the different flavours.

Let us briefly recall the types of concentrated liquid aromas that exist on the market:

  • fruit e-liquid;
  • tobacco e-liquid;
  • bakery e-liquid, that is, flavoured with sweets, coffee, and sometimes liqueurs;
  • other miscellaneous flavours that don’t fit into a particular category, such as mint.

Fruity flavours generally go well together, but mixing them with other types, especially tobacco-flavoured ones, is not recommended. Except for some bakery aromas that lend themselves to being combined with certain fruit flavours. Just think of the combination of cream and strawberry, a classic in the world of vaping and beyond.

As for tobacco flavours, it is not recommended to mix them. Their aromatic balance is often very fragile and can easily be compromised by combining them with other products belonging to the same category. However, they can be enhanced by mixing them with bakery scents, especially coffee ones, a combination that many vapers appreciate.

There is only one last alternative left: mix two or more bakery flavours.

Normally this combination gives good results, especially when sweet flavours are combined with liqueur flavours. It should be noted, however, that the bakery ones have a very intense aroma. That’s why it’s important to be careful not to overdo it: the line between a balanced bakery liquid and an excessively strong and nauseating one is very thin.

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Final advice on combining two or more concentrated flavours

Before concluding, I would like to give you some final tips to keep in mind when experimenting with combinations of two or more scents.

First, consider that you will only be able to fully assess the result when you vape your e-liquid: and if you notice that the latter has a bad taste, you will be forced to throw away the entire product. To avoid wasting too much liquid, mix a small amount, like 20-30 ml, no more.

Also, when you’re done mixing it, let it sit for a few days before testing it. Sometimes concentrated flavours need some time to mix well with each other: a liquid that initially tasted unpleasant may have taken on a great taste after a few days.

Finally, try to be as precise as possible when dosing the flavours using a graduated syringe with a blunt needle. Be careful not to add even 1ml of product more than is needed and you will drastically reduce the risk of getting an unpleasant liquid.

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In conclusion

In this article I have given you some tips to help you mix various aromas, obtaining a good result. Experiment with your favourite flavours, dose them with precision and you will surely find the ideal combination for you.

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