Guide to the concentration of flavors for electronic cigarettes

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Published on: 08/02/2023

Which types of concentrated flavors to choose and how to dose it correctly when mixing your diy e-liquids

The most expert vapers love to create their own liquids for the electronic cigarette: buying the ingredients that make up the e-liquids separately and mixing them correctly, it is possible to obtain a product tailored to each of us.

However, those who try this operation for the first time face a question that, if not resolved properly, can ruin the result: how much concentrated aroma to add to a liquid for a homemade electronic cigarette?

I will explain it to you in the following article. But first, let’s quickly see what types of liquid flavors exist on the market and what are the main characteristics of each of them.

Glass ampoules containing synthetic and organic flavourings | Terpy

Organic or synthetic flavor? It all depends on the type of device you have.

The first choice you should make when selecting the ideal e-liquid flavor concentrate aroma for you is: synthetic or organic?

As a rule, synthetic flavorings are produced in the laboratory from molecules that are not extracted from the substance whose flavor is to be reproduced, but that taste like it. The organic ones are the opposite: they are obtained using exactly as a base the natural ingredient whose aroma you want to reproduce.

The ideal choice between these types depends on the type of electronic cigarette you are using.

Organic flavors have a more intense flavor but contain numerous impurities that tend to quickly foul the cotton of the coil. For this reason, they are indicated to be used with regenerable e-cigs in which the resistance is changed frequently. However, there are also organic products with low impurity content created specifically for use with replaceable head e-cigarettes.

Synthetic flavors, on the other hand, have a more delicate flavor and can be vaped with any type of device.

So which ones to choose?

If you have a rechargeable e-cigarette and the usual e-liquids don’t satisfy you, you can try creating your own by mixing it with an organic flavor. On the contrary, if your e-cig works with interchangeable heads, I advise you to use only synthetic liquids so as not to reduce the life of the coils.

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The types of flavors that every vaper should know

The flavors are also divided into several types based on their taste:

  • tobacco flavors e-liquid.
  • fruity flavors.
  • bakery flavors.

Tobacco flavors are the ones that taste closest to traditional cigarettes. As you can easily guess from their name, they reproduce the flavor of tobacco and are perfect for low wattage mouth-to-lung vaping. If you’ve recently quit smoking, I suggest you focus on these aromas to fully satisfy the craving for traditional cigarettes you still have.

Fruit flavors, of course, are fruity aromas. They are ideal in the warmer months and have a delicate flavor that makes them suitable for vaping all day as well. They work great with lung and mouth-to-lung e-cigarettes at low wattage to produce a cool vapor that enhances flavor.

Finally, the bakery ones have a taste that reproduces that of sweet foods, often in combination with liqueurs. They have a very intense flavor, and you must choose them carefully: a creamy aroma with a flavor that does not go according to our tastes can easily cause nausea. It is advisable to vape them with a lung device, at high potencies. Its flavor, in fact, is better with a hot and dense vapor.

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How to calculate the percentage of concentrated flavor for homemade liquids

Let’s move on to the most important topic: what is the ideal concentration of aroma to add to your homemade liquids?

It is not possible to give a valid answer in all cases. Each product has a different aromatic power: for some, a few drops are enough, for others, however, it may be necessary to add a considerable amount. Fortunately, in most cases the manufacturing companies indicate this information on the flavor label as a percentage. Once you have this data, you just must mix the ingredients in the right proportions to get a ready-to-vape e-cigarette liquid.

Sometimes, however, this percentage is not indicated.

In this case, in the world of vaping there is a golden rule that is never wrong: if you do not know exactly how much of a certain aroma you should mix with an e-liquid to get a balanced flavor, add to reach 10%. of the total product.

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In conclusion

In this article I explained to you what types of flavor concentrates exist on the market, what their main characteristics are and how much product to use when mixing your homemade liquids.

This last point puts many vapers in a difficult position, most of all, who want to create their own e-liquids But it is enough to check the doses recommended by the manufacturers, or follow the golden rule that I told you about in the previous paragraph, so as not to make mistakes and obtain perfect liquids.

Before I say goodbye, I invite you to look at the many quality products available in the Terpy store: e-liquids prepared for electronic cigarettes, e-liquid flavor concentrated concentrates, nicotine bases liquid and many other items for a fantastic vaping experience.