Caffeine e-cigarette liquids: why avoid them

Caffeine e-cigarette liquids: why avoid them

Published on: 19/11/2023


There are countless varieties of e-cigarette liquids. Among tobacco, fruity and creamy liquids there is plenty of choice: furthermore, the possibility of creating your own favorite blend, with a little practice, allows vapers to create their own perfect liquid.

However, you need to be careful with certain liquids that can cause health problems. Among these, we find caffeine liquid, which we advise you to avoid to avoid any problems.

Let’s see why.

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What caffeine is and what it causes

Caffeine is an alkaloid with stimulating effects on the body. It is generally found in coffee, tea (in the form of theine), cocoa, but also in mate and guarana. A cup of coffee, with its average 80 mg of caffeine, helps us stay awake and active: this is because the substance has a psychoactive effect and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

If taken in moderate doses, caffeine has positive effects on human health: in addition to acting on cognitive abilities, improving alertness, attention and reducing reaction times, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular and liver diseases, improves mood and athletic performance.

So everything is fine? Yes, if caffeine is taken orally and in moderate doses (3-4 cups per day): however, a very different matter must be said about e-cig liquids, which are aspirated, a very different method of intake from ingestion , with a different absorption by the body.

What caffeine is and what it causes

The effects of caffeine liquids on health


To understand why caffeine liquids for electronic cigarettes should be avoided, we need to start again from what we have just said: what is safe if ingested can be dangerous if inhaled. To give an example, EVO oil is a panacea for health if taken through food, but if inhaled it is very dangerous.

Caffeine is one of those substances that when ingested can have healthy effects, if you inhale something completely different. It is no coincidence that a few years ago, when Eagle Energy was launched in the States, a coffee-flavoured electronic cigarette created with the ambition of acting as a substitute for the classic cup, doctors raised the alarm.

The reason is simple: inhaled caffeine is absorbed too quickly by the body. Furthermore, the coffee we drink in the cup is diluted with water and also with milk. The risk is to take a significant amount of caffeine, reducing the benefits to a minimum and increasing the risks: increased heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac alterations such as tachycardia, states of anxiety, tremors, etc.

The risk of caffeine depositing in the lungs is high, and the long-term effects are unknown.

In short, if the benefits are very limited, the short and long term risks make caffeine liquids a product to avoid.

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How to choose safe e-cigarette liquids


Before understanding what the alternatives to caffeine e-cig liquids may be, let’s remember that it is always good to choose compliant products that provide a guarantee of safety. The European TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) standard requires, among other things, that only high purity and quality ingredients be used, with a maximum of 20 mg/ml of nicotine and, above all, that they do not contain substances such as vitamins, colourants, diacetyl, taurine and, indeed, caffeine.

In this regard, we must add that mixing aromas without knowing the exact chemical composition can be quite dangerous: if you really want to mix the liquid for the electronic cigarette yourself, find out well about the procedure and the composition of what you are using. If you have doubts, buy ready-made liquids: those sold by authorized retailers have a high level of safety because they are subjected to strict regulations and strict controls.

Alternatives to caffeine liquids for the electronic cigarette

Alternatives to caffeine liquids for the electronic cigarette

If you want a liquid that reminds you of the flavor of coffee but without caffeine, you can opt for one of the many creamy liquids on the market: for example, you can find coffee cream liquids or, if you are a person with stronger tastes, Irish Coffee.

As you can see, there is no shortage of alternatives; rather than buying a caffeine liquid that is risky for your health, enjoy one of the many liquids on the market that can offer you a high degree of safety.

In conclusion

Using caffeine e-cigarette liquids is not recommended: ingested caffeine can have many positive effects on the health of the body and mind, but when vaporized it causes serious health problems.

This is why they are banned in Europe: the benefits are low, while the risks are high. European legislation prohibits liquids that contain caffeine and other energizing substances: we do not know what the long-term dangers may be, and even in the short term they can cause serious health problems.

We recommend that you choose a creamy, coffee-flavoured e-cig liquid, a safe and compliant alternative to caffeine liquids.