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Synthetic nicotine banned in the USA

What might happen in america following the ban on synthetic nicotine liquids America – you know – is considered the land of opportunity. However, in recent times, manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquids may have something to say about this because a few months ago, the government enacted a law that is not exactly in favour […]

E-cig resistor wire material guide

Here are the materials you can use to make the e-cigarette resistance Replacing the resistor is part of the typical maintenance operations for electronic cigarettes. To craft a new coil, vapers use resistive wire, the material of which changes depending on your vaping preferences and the characteristics of your device. However, if you are a […]

E-cig, diacetyl and popcorn lung

Popcorn lung and diacetyl: is there a correlation with e-cigarettes? Is it true that vaping can cause popcorn lung? If you have decided to open this article, it means that you too have had this doubt. In fact, there is often talk of a dangerous substance that can cause serious lung diseases: we are talking […]