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The cost of an electronic cigarette without nicotine

Nicotine-free electronic cigarette: good for your health and your wallet There are many reasons smokers choose to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic ones. Some do it to follow the moment’s fashion, some because of the bad smell generated by combustion that sticks to clothes and hair, and others avoid constantly having bad breath. The […]

How long does the disposable electronic cigarette last?

This is how long it takes for a disposable cigarette to reach the end of its life cycle As its name suggests, the disposable electronic cigarette has a limited lifespan. However, it is a ready-to-use device whose resistance is closely related to the amount of vaping liquid it can contain. As a result, this type […]

What is the best online shop for e-cigs?

Why it is important to buy an electronic cigarette in a reliable shop, and which one to choose among the many on the web The vaping industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and many companies are selling all kinds of products for vapers. Such a wide choice is good for consumers, but at the […]

What is the best e-cig box 2021?

What are box mods, and how to choose the best one for your needs? The box mod (or electronic cigarette box) has become a cult object among vaping enthusiasts. They are small devices about the size of a packet of cigarettes that provide a very intense vape. In terms of intensity, the relationship between a […]

Guide on how to clean the filter of the electronic cigarette

How to clean the e-cigarette filter The electronic cigarette filter is a fundamental component, as it is the link between the electronic device and the smoker. Specifically, we are talking about an element of two cavities located at opposite ends, where one connects to the atomizer, and the other allows the inhaled vapour to escape. […]

How long does it last and which electronic cigarette filter to choose?

How often should you change the filter on your electronic cigarette, and how to choose the ideal one for your needs? When we talk about the electronic cigarette filter, we are referring to an essential component for the functioning of the device. It is, in fact, an indispensable element which, however, gradually wears out due […]

How to send electronic cigarettes by post

How to send electronic cigarettes by post? Over the years, society has evolved, and the advent of the internet has meant that the way we sell and buy has also developed and changed. Nowadays, everyone can connect to the network through a mobile phone or a computer to give and receive services with ease. Making […]

Is the Chinese electronic cigarette a good idea?

Here’s what you risk if you buy a cheap chinese electronic cigarette The electronic cigarette, which is now widely used worldwide, was developed in China in 2003 by a pharmacist whose father died of lung cancer due to smoking. Since he was a heavy smoker himself, he set out to find an alternative to the […]

Cost of an electronic cigarette in a pharmacy and online shop

We clarify the prices of e-cigarettes in pharmacies and webshops Today you can buy electronic cigarettes in pharmacies, specialised retailers and online shops. Each offers different products, so it can be challenging to determine which store is the most convenient, even for those who have been vaping for some time. Many people ask themselves questions […]

How to choose the right sites where to buy electronic cigarettes

Tips for finding the best online shop for vaping: here’s what you should consider In recent years, the number of sites where you can buy electronic cigarettes has increased dramatically. The world of vaping has grown enormously, and more and more people have decided to switch to electronic cigarettes to stop smoking analogue cigarettes. Are […]