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Mango Show is the result of the union of two simple liquids, but which together have been able to create a crackling taste! It is known that mixing sweet and salty is not always a good idea, but sometimes something extremely tasty can come out. This was just the case with this e-liquid blended by Terpy. It is the first of its kind: an absolute novelty.

The perfectly successful taste is the mix of the slightly salty taste of popcorn, combined with the exotic sweetness of mango. The intuition was to try to balance the toasted flavor of the popcorn with the freshness of the mango, in order to highlight the best parts of both ingredients. Furthermore, it amazes with the iridescent nuances that this combination offers, as if it were constantly evolving. The vaper will feel as staying at the cinema, with the smell of toasted corn in his nostrils and a gummy candy in his mouth.

Recommended for those looking for a fresh, summer and above all refined liquid for electronic cigarettes. Also suitable for daily use, thanks to the light taste

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29 reviews for MANGO SHOW

  1. Victor92

    Outstanding, I love it

  2. Kile

    Light and smooth tobaccoso, very pleasant to vape pereftto all day, I definitely recommend it

  3. Elliot

    Loving it <3

  4. Jervis

    my usual aroma, perfect for all day use

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